Dutch Politics and Whistleblowers. A story that will blow your mind!

The Binnenhof – premises of the Dutch Government.

Last Friday, I was on the premises of the Dutch Government, the so-called Binnenhof in the city of The Hague. It was the location where the last meeting of ministers of state took place that morning, before the start of Summer Recess. It was also the final meeting before closure of this compound, because the Binnenhof is going to be subjected to a huge restauration/conservation project. Thus, for 5.5 years, the Dutch government will be seated in another building in The Hague – the place where previously the Foreign Affairs Department was situated. The building’s nickname is De Apenrots, The Monkey Rock. In Dutch slang, this means as much as “a place in society where an order based on power and status is ruling”.

While I was watching the state ministers trickling in one by one, I decided to register some of it on video. And one thing led to another: I ended up recording a handful of vlogs, explaining what I was seeing in English. This resulted in a crash course on the dynamics between Dutch politics and high profile whistleblowers!

Minister of Healthcare, Hugo de Jonge.

What I’m hoping, is that these vlogs will cause you to open your heart for my country, and that you will start praying for the people of the Netherlands, and against the resident evil of the Luciferian Brotherhood Cabal that is wreaking havoc in Dutch society. These videos are meant to give key people a face, and to make real stories come alive.

So please, say the names of these people out loud, in front of God’s throne. Commit them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for their safety and salvation… PRAY FOR THE NETHERLANDS!

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    1. There is no WhatsApp number for Illuminate The Darkness, but if you have a question, you can always send us a private message by using the contact form on the contact-page of our website. Looking forward to your mail, Katlego!

  1. Enjoying all of your illuminating vlogs and essays. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and information so that we may learn in awareness and better be able to pray for the people and country and against the strongholds of the enemy.

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