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This brand new page is especially for the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Here, you can find self-care tips, shared by the survivors themselves. We hope you will benefit from the advice that has been proven to help them…


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Get to know the most important rights you had from birth. Get to know the TRUTH about yourself. Check out the Fundamental Rights of the Child, for they have been violated since childhood, and they can be restored:

1: Every child has the right to be born well and must be cared for and raised well.

2: Every child has the right to live with a family who loves, cares and teaches good morals to him/her.

3: Every child has the right to get proper care and be of importance for other people.

4: Every child has the right to be provided with the basic needs of people such as food, water, shelter, clothing and health care.

5: Every child has the right to be brought up with good morals, so he/she can become a stable person.

6: Every child has the right to get education.

7: Every child has the right to play and enjoy themselves whenever they have the opportunity.

8: Every child has the right to be protected against abuse.

9: Every child has the right to live in peace, away from bad influences, so he/she can develop in a healthy way.

10: Every child has the right to be cared for whenever their parents are not available or cannot sustain their needs.

11: Every child has the right to be living under a good government that helps them strengthen their faith and to become a better citizen.

12: Every child has the right to grow up peacefully and getting what they want for the good of their lives.

Write these Fundamental Rights of the Child in a notebook or print them out.

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Then fill the cognitive part of your brain with even more truth. Today’s Truth is your weapon against the programs and lies that were (or are still) used by your perpetrators to deceive you. Your rights are part of that truth. The same counts for what is written in the constitution about the inviolability of your body. No one but you has control over your body.

By means of songs, quotes, statements and images that strengthen you in who you’re allowed to be and who you can become, you can strengthen and develop your free You. This way, you will slowly but surely learn to defend and protect yourself. And in the small part of you, where the first damage was inflicted on you when you were a child, you will find recovery. Listening to soothing songs about healing and hope can help in this. You can also write down statements and words of encouragement from your therapist or people that you feel safe around.

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When programs are activated or voices arise or memories are relived and take you out of balance, you can grab your Little Booklet of Truth.

For those who have been under contract or agreement, it can help to make a Freedom Agreement with your therapist, counselor or someone who understands the world that you came from. In that agreement, everything that has been said about you and any ownership statement or contact is declared null and void. It may be useful to state on what grounds this is done, such as deception, false pretenses, abuse of power, etc. These are legal grounds on which they can be declared null and void. Because in this world you cannot “own” a child, we are not “owned”.

It’s also good to mention your right to life again, and your right to liberty, your right to protection and your right to self-determination.

Make it so that it suits you. It must be right for you, aligned with your way of living in the here and now, free from the world in which you were trapped.



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A nurturing corner can be established on the couch or on a large cushion on the floor (NOT on the hard cold floor, though.) Make it a soft, warm place, with pillows, soft blankets or plaids, possibly with a cuddly toy. Choose colors that you feel comfortable with.
A nurturing corner is meant to be a shelter from the storm, because hiding can sometimes be better than fighting until you’re completely exhausted.
It’s also a place to rest, to find comfort after therapy or a busy day, and after or during the reliving of past experiences. You can find comfort and warmth in the nurturing corner.
You might also want to make sure that there is a shawl that can serve as a shield, as a protection against inner voices, programs or bad thoughts. Nothing that is not true can pass through that shield.
And that shawl can also provide a warm sense of security. You’re safe, here you can be just as you are, it’s okay.
In the nurturing corner you can also take some time to listen to music or watch a movie, while enjoying a nice hot drink. Candles or a scent are a good idea, too.

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A scent can help to get a renewed sense of security and to re-orientate. Which scent makes you feel safe? For me, it’s eucalyptus. So I have a few drops of oil with water in an spray bottle. For example, I can spray the scent on a pillow, a cuddly toy, a cloth, a plaid, to have that safe scent.

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For a certain period of time, my therapist and I even called this scent the antidote. Antidote to the poison of everything that they taught me in the Hidden World (Satanic/Luciferian cult), all the voices from there, all the programs, we labeled that as poison. And as Not true.

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