Think Stormborn

For all the kids bout to be rescued

little lamb little lamb
i’ll always keep
on my lap
& in my hands
little lamb
don’t weep
what they do
2 all of you
they do 2 ME
your Father
so 2 them
what i will do
is send them
2 their slaughter

Copyright © 2019 Think Stormborn

babies are crying

Lilith is creeping

all of this dying

has Eden weeping

pray 4 their breath

that it is freed

save them from death

4 God has decreed

who welcomes the babes

“welcomes but me”

so make your own grave

who do harm 2 these

This is all

To be expected

We the people

Get neglected

Thus why

We went out

& selected

DJT who WE


To ensure

We are


Not misled

Or misdirected


On two

Prime Directives

To shine

The light

& to accept it

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