The Father’s Time Train

In February, 2020, I received a series of impressions about the Luciferian Brotherhood, a.k.a. the Illuminati. All these visions were centered around the second chapter of the book of Habakkuk. Verse 3 of this chapter is about how our view of the Lord’s timing is often different from the way He is seeing it.

How often did it happen that you were thinking: “Why is there so much evil in the world? Why is He just sitting there, doing nothing?” In this vision, the Lord showed me that this, in a paradoxical way, has everything to do with…. prayer!

Marion A.

Image by Prettysleepy from Pixabay

Habakkuk 2:3 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

“For the vision is yet for the appointed time;
It [a]hastens toward the goal and it will not [b]fail.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
For it will certainly come, it will not delay.


  1. Habakkuk 2:3 Lit pants
  2. Habakkuk 2:3 Or lie

It’s a freezing cold night and the sky is totally clear. I’m seeing more stars than I’m used to see where I live… I’m seeing unknown constellations and even the Milky Way. This means that I’m on a highly elevated place and in total darkness, with no distraction from artificial light from the earth.

I’m seeing a square tower, a bit like the Big Ben in London, U.K.

Image by annvanroy via Pixabay

Next to the tower, almost as tall as the tower itself, stands a huge angel, keeping guard of the object. In his hand, he’s holding an iron staff, which has a top in the shape of a lightning flash.

What catches my attention the most, though, is the clock, with its white dial and typical roman numerals. Next thing, I’m being carried in the spirit, toward the clock and right through the dial into the interior of the tower. For a few moments I’m floating about, inside the clockwork, seeing a dazzling construction of turning cogwheels, suspension bridges in perpetual motion, chain gear – drivers in different sizes with roller chains around them – all made of blinking gold and working in perfect synergy, like one oiled machine.

Golden Clockwork – DerranNL

What I’m hearing in this tower is not the sound of that one clockwork I’m seeing. It’s the ticking of more than one clock – many more – and those clocks are all very different from each other.

Image by Jon Tyson via Unsplash

Strangely enough I can distinguish them all without seeing: a mantel piece clock with that unmistakable Westminster Chime… modern, battery-driven kitchen clocks, a grandfather clock with the slow, almost muffled ticking from its wooden sound box… and very remotely I’m even hearing the whispering of a wrist watch.

The Lord is following me while I’m walking around, exploring. I’m trying to locate the driving force of the clock work by following cog wheel after cog wheel. I’m asking the Lord: “How many times a week does it need winding?” When I look at His face I realize I knew the answer already. He smirks.

Image by Troy Mathews

Something changes in the sound of the ticking. It is as if the cacophony of all those different clocks and watches disappears slowly but surely. As if they are swallowed up – one by one – by a much bigger timepiece, until only the latter is left… I know that phenomenon! I’ve once heard it in the house of a very dear friend, who was a collector of clocks. Every once in a while the ticking of all his clocks would coincide and for a handful of seconds they ticked in perfect harmony…

“This is what I’m hearing when the saints are praying in full agreement with each other,” the Lord says, and the tenderness with which He is speaking almost brings me to tears.

Photographer unknown – image via Pixabay

The maze of turning wheels and chimes and chain gear is much more complex than a normal tower clock. It goes down several stories, beginning at the top of the tower. Around it, on each floor, there is a balustrade all around the clock work. There are angels with us on the top floor, but they are especially guarding the dial and the clock face… it seems like nobody comes close to that place and I’m wondering why. The Lord lets me know that this restriction in access doesn’t count for me. Immediately the two angels that were blocking the way step aside and I can walk freely toward the clock face. I had seen the dial from the outside, it simply looks white, but from here on the inside, I’m seeing a whole different color: a pink variety of mother of pearl. I’m looking at the Lord, puzzled. He explains: “This place is exclusively accessible for the ones who got saved, but only the ones among them who pay attention, who earnestly seek Me. The meaning of the color you see is threefold. Pink is symbolizing new life, but it’s also a mix of red and white, which are standing for the blood of My Son Jesus and purity and the redemption of sin.”

Photgrapher unknown – image via Pixabay

Something else strikes me: the fact that this tower only has one clock. A clock facing north. I ask why that is. The Lord explains to me that north is viewed as a place of cold and darkness. The prophet Jeremiah talks more than once about how destruction comes from the north. For instance, in Jeremiah 1:14, “Out of the north evil will break forth on all the inhabitants of the land.”   

“Even the occult admits that it’s a place of darkness. But I know about the remnant that resides there, that wants to be free from evil,” He says, “and I am willing to grant their plea. For their sake, I’m withholding My anger and I’m calling them to come forth NOW, for there is not much time left before I will spew out all the wrath that I have built up through the years and through the ages, for the sake of their endless amount of victims.”

He moves a few steps away from where He was standing and I see Him stopping close to a steel rope that’s hanging right next to the balustrade, in front of His face.

“Look down,” He says, and with my eyes, I’m following His gaze along the rope, almost all the way down to the ground floor.

“Do you see that weight, down there?”


“That is Me. I am the driving force of this clock. I am the One who’s supplying power to this pulley rope.”

He points at the cable, that at eye level is wrapped around a drum. He explains that by the traction applied by the weight, the drum is being turned around. But its revolving goes so slowly that the human eye cannot see it moving. The drum is attached to a big, brass cogwheel and that cogwheel is connected to an extended system of other cogwheels and much smaller steel wheels (pinions) on axels. The time train, as this transmitting mechanism is called, is basically a system that transfers the power and movement from big cogwheels to smaller cogwheels, all the way to the so-called escape wheel. The smaller the cogwheel gets, the faster it turns. Once the power reaches the escape wheel and its mechanism, you can clearly see the movement.

Escapement Mechanism

“The pendulum stands for the intercession of the saints. Their prayers for the captives are retaining the balance of what’s happening in the world… although I am the only One who controls the length of the pendulum and thus the speed of its swing.”

This ticking of the regulating mechanism within this clock… I’m realizing that this is what causes the typical ticking sound of a clock. My gaze is lead back to the anchor that releases and pushes forward one tooth at the time and suddenly, with each click, I see images appearing, alternating in a dazzling video in front of my eyes… images of a baby being born, tanks shooting at each other at war, a house on fire, students graduating, two people fighting, a man gets shot, a woman gets raped, a wedding scene…

“These are life event!” I’m gasping.

“Yes they are. And you have seen now that the closer the cogs are situated to the escape wheel, the faster they are turning, right?

We are truly living in the end times, my child, and I want you to actively fight with Me for the souls that still need to be saved. Form the counter weight with your prayers, so My wrath will not come untimely.”

While we’re still talking, we’re hearing a rattling noise, coming from elsewhere in the clock work. When we arrive at the scene, I’m shocked to see that there are two demons who are trying to stick a large pole in between two revolving parts of the clock work. Angels are standing by, watching, but they’re not interfering. Also the Lord does nothing to stop the demons. He rests his arms on the balustrade and observes them, with a strange look in His eyes…

I don’t understand this behavior of Him. Why in the world doesn’t He cast them away?

The next moment though, the pole gets caught between two wheels. It slips out of the hands of the demons and is shredded to pieces.

“Problem solved,” He mumbles, while he walks toward the stairs.

“Shall we go?” He asks, and I’m following Him.

One story beneath the top floor, I’m noticing another scene close to the clock work and I’m stopping, curious. A tiny man is in the process of climbing over the balustrade. He’s not much taller than one foot, and dressed like a doctor, or scientist.

Photographer unknown – image via Pixabay

“What is he doing??” I’m asking.

The Lord is half a flight of stairs below me already and answers: “Oh, he wants to travel back in time again. Are you coming?”

Reluctantly I’m following the Lord, but after a few steps I hesitate.

“Why?” I’m asking. “Why in the world would he want to engage in that?”

The Lord stops, looks up to me and says: “To change the course of time. Especially around the year when My Son sacrificed Himself.”

I’m still not moving, as I’m flabbergasted by what I’m hearing. And seeing. The scientist is getting ready to jump into the clock work area. I’m calling out, “Lord…!”

But He only says, “Let him try.”

I’m shaking my head and my frustration grows. “You don’t understand Lord, he is actually about to do it!”

God is almost a full flight of stairs ahead of me now. He doesn’t look back up and says: “Really. I’d like to see him try.”

To the left of me I’m seeing how the scientist makes a jump onto one of the faster revolving cog wheels. After some initial balance problems, he starts to run in the opposite direction of the wheel’s course, away from the point where the cog and the pinion meet and for a brief moment I’m reminded of a guinea pig.

But the man is running too fast. He tries to regain his balance by leaning backward, but a fall on his butt is inevitable and with a wild gesture he grabs the wheel behind him with his right arm. He hasn’t got the time to get back up and start running though. The highest point is passed in a matter of seconds and now he goes down and gets caught, head first, between the wheel and the pinion. An icy scream is smothered in the cracking of a skull and then the severing of bones and flesh… I’m feeling something wet, landing on my chin. In a reflex I wipe it off and when I see a red trace on my hand I realize it’s blood spatter. I start screaming. And then I break down crying. The Lord comes back up the stairs and sits down beside me on one of the steps. He starts talking.

“This scientist knew My name. He knew My word – he has read the Bible more than once. Yet he refused to accept My love. He didn’t want to give up the power he thought he was obtaining for himself. And even when he discovered that he was believing in a lie, he still held on to the ambition to become like Me. This fate was of his own choosing. There was nothing I could do…”

Image by Christian Bodhi via Pixabay

Next thing, I’m outside again, in mid-air, with the stars and planets all around me. The distance between me and the tower with its clock grows fast, while I’m floating backward, to the north. To the right of me, the sun is coming up… since when does the sun rise in the west?

The tall angel who has been guarding the tower all this time, gets an object handed to him. It’s an old fashioned scroll. Then he departs from his position next to the tower and starts flying, down to the earth beneath, with the scroll tucked under his arm.

With a loud voice he’s calling, “Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…!”

Image by moritz320 via Pixabay

Marion A., February 2020.

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