This is a place where you can find publications about the Illuminati, human trafficking and related political developments in the United States of America.

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THROWAWAY CHILD Part 1 – Author/Victim/Survivor Cheryl Hersha Beck was born into a Illuminati Bloodline Family. Abused and trafficked, forced into MKUltra and child pornography, Cheryl talks about a childhood most cannot imagine, and how she survived. 3 part series – May 24, 2021.
Film of Corey Feldman, Hollywood whistleblower
Thread Reader App – Twitter thread by Eric Block: CPS-corrupt government agency supplying global trafficking rings – October 18, 2020.
Blog in Just the News, about subterranean warfare – September 18, 2020.
Blog on Trance-formation.com, about the Clintons, Haiti and Human Trafficking.
Brassballs.blog – The evil behind Lisa Page’s child trafficking ring – September 3, 2020.
Nearly 40 missing children rescued during Georgia sex trafficking bust – August 28, 2020.
Shadow Gate documentary – August 14, 2020.
From James Fetzer’s blog, about whistleblower Field McConnell and the world capital for the global child exploitation syndicate: Broward County, Florida – November 13, 2019.

NCAVC: Investigator’s Guide to Allegations of “Ritual” Child Abuse – January 1992.
…in the U.S. Senate – August 3, 1977.
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