Jessie Czebotar

At age 3, Jessie gave her heart to Jesus. A bit over a year later, she was forced into Illuminati training to become the successor of the Queen Mother of Darkness. However, Jessie refused to take her position in the System. In 2019, she started to share her testimony and expertise. Her main goal is to tell the captives of the System and those who fell victim to it, that there is a Way Out.

On this page, you can find links to the websites, radio and video channels that are featuring Jessie. Please pray for the protection of these media. The censure is brutal.


On May 30, 2021, a blog named “Doctrinal Essays: Secrets Will Be Manifest” was published by Eric Smith, with links to all Jessie’s interviews and podcasts, up to the above mentioned date. Just to be on the safe side, I will maintain the links to key video channels that have been on our website all along, but if you want a neat oversight, simply click on the link to Eric’s blog:

Doctrinal Essays, by Eric Smith: Secrets Shall Be Manifest – May 30, 2021.

The first two interviews that were ever done with Jessie were published on the Youtube podcast DISCOVERING TRUTH with Dan Duval:

Dan Duval’s first interview with ‘Jane’, alias Jessie, August 10, 2019.
Dan Duval’s second interview with ‘Jane’, alias Jessie – August 25, 2019.

DARK OUTPOST is DAVID ZUBLICK’s website. His videos with Jessie have been taken down from Youtube, but you can still find them in the link below, if you subscribe to Dark Outpost:

David Zublick’s website Dark Outpost.

GOOD DOG’s website gives access to various interviews with Jessie on different outlets:

Good Dog’s website. Various interviews with Jessie.

AQUARIUS RISING AFRICA, with Chantelle Meyburgh and Morné Venter, has a channel on Youtube:

Aquarius Rising Africa. Various interviews with Jessie.

RIGHT ON RADIO, hosted by Jeff and Jessie, can be found on Podbean radio and on Youtube:

Right On Radio’s Podbean channel. Hosted by Jeff and Jessie.
Sarah Westall on Bitchute. Click HERE to enter.
The Reveal Report, George Iceman’s channel about occultism and the paranormal, with regular appearances of Jessie Czebotar.
Satanic Empire, an interview of Sean Stone with Jessie Czebotar. Also check out the website,

These blogs were written by Jessie and published on Cathy Fox’s website:

This blog by Cathy Fox is crucial for understanding the series of blogs that were written by Jessie:

And these are blogs written by Cathy Fox, assisted by Jessie, who offered her expertise:

140 Replies to “Jessie Czebotar”

  1. You are an immense soldier of GOD! He chose wisely. You are a testament to the reality that the King of Kings & Lord of Lords makes NO mistakes! Thank You!

    1. Agreed!, and thanks and praise God for using Jessie and all those who choose This Path to live in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, son of the Almighty God, God Alone is Our Saviour.
      Stay strong in Faith, for that is the only Soil we walk upon in this Life.

  2. Hi Jessie, I appreciate you. I found if I looked up the State Seal in every State it was explicit in explanation. I live in Hawaii and evidently it says the Phoenix is rising here. – Also, in Oregon where I grew up, it shows on the right some of the keys you showed us in the most recent reveal. If I am aggressive to fight for the safety of our children and I anoint for these places in the name of the lord, am i still able to be a positive energy when I fight for the sake of others? I follow you and Pray for your safety. – Candace Soul Shift

    1. I have been going around Portland rebuking all the evil! I will continue and will listen more carefully for even better advise to help clean the demons out of Oregon! God Bless you all!

  3. Do you know who the Anti Christ is? And are the cabal and Satan defeated with the Q movement?

  4. PLEASE,
    Give more information about the “Mormon“ connection.
    Praise my Father, I’ve been guided out of the Mormon institution after 40 years.
    7 year journey.
    Please help me understand more so I can help my children and family.

    1. When rebuked and adjoured the spirit identified itself as mornei a deceiving spirit ! Take upon the full armor of God and he has no defense! Get the power acts 2:38 !

    2. Hello! We have a very strong familial Mormon history, but my newlywed parents left their Freemasonic based church when I was born in 1975 and they never looked back! The Mormons wanted my Dad to be in the “Priesthood” at 18! So, through Jessie, and through recent Cathy Fox Blog research (also connected w Jessie through her 5 Trafficking Networks Of The Illuminati which includes Mormonism) that Joseph Smith was a 33degree Mason and the entire Mormon religion is based on Freemasonry! Including the “secret handshake” to get into Heaven that only the husband may know and has to get his wife in with it, the aprons, the holy underwear that have freemasonic symbols stitched on them, secret rites, a works based salvation, etc!

  5. @Jessie C.
    Can you reveal if Elon M is “good”?
    I live in Texas, so for several reasons, I’d like to know if he is trustworthy.
    Appreciate you💖

    1. Elon M is not to be trusted as he is evidently part of the system. Unless he will show some good obvious acts. But until now, he is a victim of the system, born into it and brainwashed and mindcontrolled like all the rest. A “good” individual will never be a celebrity.

      1. Elon Musk’s wife is a full on witch. She is very scary. No way he can not be a very high up member!

      2. My mother is a celebrity. And a good woman. She just sang and acted and dedicated her life to getting the word out about plant medicine and how it heals most of not all ailments. Born into Holkywood I know for a fact that the all celebrity’s are Illuminati us absolute nonsense. There are some absolute truth so some conspiracy facts, but this one I have to debunk because I am on the inside. I rejected traditional Hollywood fans that was on the table for me because I wouldn’t shut my mouth tk agre with Hollywood’s nonsense. But I’m about to release my music and independently and sm already a minor celebrity, and I have chosen to use my voice to raise vibration and consciousness. I mean no disrespect here. But we get really out of balance when we start to see the whole world as a big conspiracy. That it negative energy that feeds the darkness and it’s also not true. Blessings and light to all who are. 🙏🏼❤️❤️‍🔥

    2. Elon Musk is one of the AntiChrists. He is definitely evil. Elon speaks with a forked tongue.

      1. Elyon means “God” and he was born on the same day as the baby in Rosemary’s Baby…. also, watch this video that Jessie’s show host Jeff interviewed:

  6. Jessie, just found you, today, March 20. I need to ask if you will call me xxxxxx to save my Daughter, Kathryn, who was born so pure of heart yet is possessed today and I haven’t found anyone knowledgeable or strong enough to clear her. Kathryn was so amazing as a child who spoke like an adult and helped others, has been through so much including child abuse from her Dad, my former husband. Kathryn has not been through as much as you have been through I’m sure but a lot more than most of us. The fact you are clear, strong, divinely focused and pure of heart, gives me hope you can/may/will clear my Dgtr, XXXXXX, so she may live out her life helping others. It’s a thought of mine that Kathryn may have allowed these entities due to the abuse she suffered as a way to stop the pain. She cut herself as a teen. I’ve been striving to help her since I realized she is possessed…get clear…for many years. I’ve made bad choices out of ignorance and one is I allowed her to have psychotropic drugs. I feel very badly at my own stupidity. I look forward to speaking to you. Most grateful to hear from you. Please text 24/7 and call anytime. I’m most reachable between noon and 6pm Pacific.

  7. Hi Jessie from Australia, I thank you for your courage and your light,I feel like you have called me to action with the concept of anointing our lands…. protecting Gods land for him and for our futures
    God bless you

  8. Hi Jesse, Thank you for your bravery to share this information with us. I am from the Chicagoland area and wanted to reach out to you to gain more insight and wisdom on how I (and a group of God serving women) can take more action in our area(s). I’m sure you get many requests but any advise/direction would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I Stumbled on your material on YouTube and this has been quite helpful. I work in the New York City foster care system for 25 years and the past 7 years I have been under attack from one of these mothers of darkness. After 7 years of unrelentingly warfare and much confusion the Lord appeared to me in a dream clarify who she was and why her move to remove me from the industry. He told me she get direct instructions from Lucifer. Of course I have been very outspoken about the trafficking of children, SRA and prostitution of young girls in foster care. Your material has bring much insight the order and operation in what I believe is a strong network of a sisterhood (coven) in operation in the industry..

  10. I have a real kinship with your journey. I know God is raising real warriors up outside the church system all over the world. People that stayed true but never had a voice. God has been talking with me for quite a while and told me to warn people to get out of the 501 C3’s churches. I went through the same things you went through with the church. I never thought I would ever write a book but God birthed a book in one month I just finished it and gave it to the publisher. I believe God showed me some very important legal clauses to get rid of our demons from the traumas in our lives. I have seen lives transformed with little mess and time for the process. I would love to chat with you to work with you in going after the generals. I believe we have been lied to by the infiltrators to the church that we are not strong enough to defeat the enemy. I know this is wrong. God was telling me that we need an army of people that will pray certain prayers and been asking Him for those prayers. After watching a series of your videos I believe what we are doing is fitted by Our Father.
    Your Brother in Our Dear and Almighty Lord Jesus,

  11. Sorry it appears that I misspelled your name! What I wanted to say and I’ll just say it again thank you JESSIE for protecting us and fighting for all of our souls!

  12. Jessie,
    I discovered you about 3 months ago. In your interviews, you have explained things I have been trying to figure out for years. I dont wan to share too much here, but a family member was part of the system and included me in it as well. God has healed me greatly, I have been wanting to talk to you or email you about many things. Is there a way this can happen? I haven’t found an email for you as of yet.

    I’m amazed that God directed me to find you. And so very grateful.

  13. Fascinating information and a lot to ponder. However when I see associations with groups like AQUARIUS RISING AFRICA, that gives me pause. Also in your conversation with Sarah Westall she seems to question authority of scripture. To be clear Jesus Christ is God and the only way of salvation. Also the Bible is the inspired word of God. I just need to ask if these are your convictions? You have a right to believe whatever you want but if these are not your convictions that’s fine I just need to move on. thanks.

    1. Eric, thanks for leaving your comment on our website. To answer your question: like you, Jessie has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord, God and Savior in her life. She is a born again Christian. The fact that she is appearing on podcasts of people who believe otherwise, does not mean that she left her Christian faith. On the contrary. She is being herself in Christ at all times, and is praying for the people who invite her on their shows. Hope this helps. God bless you, Marion.

    2. When I looked for her on YT, I also stumbled across her connection with “Aquarius Rising Africa”, which I find to be very odd. (I haven’t checked that channel’s work because the name alone puts me off.) I still think she’s sincere. She knows and quotes the Bible a lot. Maybe she knows more about what was manipulated in scripture due to her upbringing, which makes her sound sceptical?

    3. Jessie is very clear in all her interviews that I have listened to that Jesus Christ is her lord and savior. Also when she is on show like the Reveal Report and they talk about esoteric things she makes it very clear that Quija boards, tarot and all those kinds of things are NOT of God. Maybe you need to listen harder or listen to more of her interviews to see her heart.

    4. Hi Eric, I also try to discern everything I expose myself to. I’ve seen shows like with Sarah Westall and others that after Jessie’s been on they are talking more about God and even some quoting scripture. That’s got to be a good thing. I think when someone like Jessie so openly talks about their faith, it makes others curious and searching for more.
      Channeling and Tarot card reading I see as prohibited. I don’t know what people are talking about with the vibration, resonance and consciousness etc.
      I don’t understand the med bed technology and what things are related with Nikola Tesla’s inventions. I pray, pray, pray for wisdom and discernment everyday. I have learned thing’s the last couple of years that I in my wildest dreams could have ever imagined. Lisa

  14. Jessie! I been listening to your interviews & would love to help somehow!

    Also, would you consider having live prayer times where we could join in with you as you lead us in prayer?

    Thankful for your courage and your heart full of love and forgiveness!

  15. You are truly a beacon of light in this deep and vast darkness. Thank you for your courage and sharing your experiences and insight. I adore listening to you. You are intensely knowledgeable on so many fascinating fronts that are not well known. Your strong, and caring heart to protect and enlighten is beyond measure. I am praying that whatever is happening to you now, that you are protected.
    I am a richer person for finding you. Thankyou for your work 😍 Dina Grant

  16. Jessie, I have a question that I’m hoping you can answer when you return to video. In the interviews you did back in October 2020, you stated that you thought we were going into the end times; that the Anti-Christ had already been chosen.

    However, in current interviews, the most recent being just a week ago, you said that we were headed into wonderful times; a 1.000 years of peace. I’m wondering why you’ve had such a change of attitude, or if you haven’t & it’s only a public change to avoid people’s panic? I would really appreciate if you would address this, as in referencing the Bible, there are many of us who do believe we are headed towards the 1,000 years of peace; especially since we have been unable to find a time in history (Biblical timeline) where this has happened. Given it’s not just peace, but prosperity for all. That has DEFINITELY not happened, since generation after generation has dealt with war, poverty (of which God speaks there will be none), wars, struggles, racial tensions, etc.

    Since everything else in the Biblical timeline has been accurate thus far, unless I’m missing something, we haven’t seen the 1,000 years of peace, which clearly is supposed to occur before the Anti-Christ. Would love your input and reason for your change in opinion.

    Lastly, when you have time, I would GREATLY appreciate if you could email me, as I really need to discuss something with you that I will not place on a public platform.

    I wish you and your loved ones all the best. You’re in my prayers, Love.

    Much love to you.

    1. Hi Shelbie, Just reading through some of Jessie’s replies. I’ve been trying to understand things better. It seems like we have the 7 year tribulation, then Jesus comes back to do all that he has to do with Battle of Armageddon etc. Then we go into Jesus’s Millennium Reign here on earth. At the end of that time Satan is released 1 more time to do his evil. God then goes scorched earth on him and his new minions and is cast to pit forever. Always praying for wisdom and discernment. Lisa

  17. Jessie, I look forward to hearing all that you have to say. You are a true warrior for God and you have given me renewed faith that God is always in charge and the evil never triumphs! Thank you for all that you do!

  18. Hi Jesse,
    My daughter and I are so happy you and your family are ok! We prayed for your safety! My daughter and I were thinking about anointing our shoes and going to walk around the two Mason lodges they have by us. One is in Brea, CA and the other is in Fullerton, CA. Do you think that is a good idea? I’m not exactly spiritually advanced, we pray but not sure if it’s wise for us and was hoping you could give us your thoughts. We are so thankful and grateful for all you do for humanity! THANK YOU!!!

  19. Dear Jessie
    May The Lord Most High bless you and protect you. Christ’s church needs spiritual warriors more than ever. I believe He is calling His army to war. We must stand together in the unity of His Spirit. I believe He led me to hear your story as it enforces everything I have been learning in the last 40 years.
    For the last three weeks It’s been on my mind to let you and Jeff know about dr Michael Heiser and his writings. He is a biblical scholar and has written books about what you live and know. The Unseen Realm, Reversing Hermon, Angels, Demons and commentary on the book of Enoch. Facade and the Portent are two books about UFOs, MK Ultra, demon powers, government experiments etc…
    His main website
    He has podcast Naked Bible Podcast and he is currently going through the Book of Revelation
    I think God wanted me to send this message – I believe He will let you know if you need to do something with it
    I know that we have to all work together no matter how small or big part
    I pray for you and all my brothers and sisters in Christ that we do His will
    In Jesus Christ most holy Name

  20. Shalom beautiful soul! My name is Anouske.. from South Africa. I feel in my soul I need to contact you. So I’m obedient. I have been through a traumatizing childhood too. But not as hectic as yours.. but on a lighter scale. But I want to find out.. I believe God lead me to you. And well watching all your videos..I now know what I NEED to do. I just need to know how. and what my gifts can be used for. and how to do it?

  21. Dear jessie
    thank you for showing me how I have been deceived by Satan unknowingly. I joined Alcoholics Anon 26 years ago and believed that I was good person and had no idea that satan was real. I get so joyful when you are teaching us on all your platforms. Never felt joy like that in fact suffered with depression for years. Just want you know I love you from my heart and love Jesus as well. Jesus and I have become very good friends and he communicates with me. Not so hot on praying but I am learning. I have been Anointing Cape Town in South Africa and wanted to thank you for your love and commitment to Jesus. Also had crap happen to me as a child. I went to a catholic school and was sexually abused at school by a nun. Years of therapy and now that you have educated us on spiritual war-fare and how to approach the THRONE OF GOD I have found much joy and happiness in my life. I pray for you and President Trump and I love you dearly. THANK YOU

  22. Hi, Jessie! I wanted to know if you have listened to Melissa at RedPill the World or Freedom Force Battalion? She has videos of the errors of the Bible. Just wanted to know if what she teaches is true? I listen to you as often as I can, and I feel so enlighten and blessed! Thank you for all you do!

    1. You need to get away from Melissa Redpill. That woman teaches blasphemy. If you are concerned about what Bible to read and study, then you need to go to the Father and ask Him to guide and direct you to the right translation of the Bible. The King James Version is the highest regarded translation by Biblical scholars. I would get one of those, pray about it and ask the Lord for discernment and to help you rightly divide the Word. He will. God will give you the answers that humans can’t nor won’t. Seek out the Lord. And be patient and wait on His answer.

  23. Today is June 8, 2021 and it was just yesterday when I first heard of you through a true friend of mine.
    I’m so very grateful that you turned around to sockerpunch the enemy in the face with the Light that shines within you. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you as you and others disciple our lives in the way God intended for us to go.
    Amen sister and know this, you too are loved by good righteous people on earth.

  24. Jessie Thank you for sharing the valuable info to us. l wish you have your own show because
    you speak calm and only telll the truth. l don’t know
    is wrong
    with Jeff. He became rude,often jessie was sharing the valuable info to us and often interrupted with pushing unwanted his idea. Jeff was
    nice before but lately, he forgot how to let jessie finish sentence and stressing on his opinion and himself,too much ego…we like to listen Jessi because she is always calm and sharing valuable true information. Thank you.

  25. So wonderful to have found your insight. I pray for you and all that you have gone through and are doing for the human race. May God bless you!

    1. Chris beat cancer on YouTube beat colon cancer by eating a plant-based diet. There are many testimonials about people who have healed themselves by changing their diet.

  26. Dear Jessie, I have recently opened my heart to the Lord, I have been praying that he forgives my sins . I have been watching you , Denise , Madyson, and I have have for years been wanting to help in any way to save the children , I live in Canada and have no contacts or no of of any way of getting involved .. I have raised 4 boys , and can’t imagine any child in this world being harmed like this ..I have lost much sleep over this ..Chriistianne Rose

  27. Jessie, I have listened to many interviews where you shared your testimony and educated the audience on the ways of the Luciferian underworld. I am a career educator (36 yrs) and would like to focus my final working years on helping children and youth who were rescued….many to a very strange reality they have never known. If you know of agencies that I can connect with (I’m in Arizona), please let me know. I have an EdD in organizational leadership and serve on a few boards…I’d love to lead, follow, serve these precious ones in any way I am able. In Jesus’ name!

  28. Hi Jessie! I am learning so much about this world and why I’ve always felt I don’t belong here, I’m adopted(though I’m not adopted), and we live in a hell world of evil, war, bloodlust, etc. are we going to turn this around or is the anti christ really going to come and demolish everything? Who is the antichrist? Is it bill gates of hell? Is it trumps son in law Jared cushner?? I remember watching an episode of Oprah many years ago when she was interviewing that satanist the was in high military with the brows that go up like a charicature of a human and she was interviewing him and asking him if it was a conflict of interest or a problem that he’s a satanist and the military was perfectly fine with it(now I know why)
    And I think that was such a setup and that’s probably when she sold her soul…she was up and coming back then. Now when I look at these ultra rich and famous monsters all I see is soulless demons. So sad.

  29. Hi Jesse and team. Keep up the great work that you do. Sorry for the “attacks” you received recently Jesse. I pray for your safety and protection daily (and for all your co-hosts, staff and listening audience etc). I am a Patreon of this site, and have passed on “anointing oil” and the concept to four co-workers and friends – with more asking 🙂 … so Jesus’s message through you and your staff is spreading 😇. Here in BC Canada where the provincial government is trying to slowly creep in the “jabb” passport – my friends and I are “anointing”. At a local beach (hotspot for tourists and the community) we found several mysteriously weird statues and so called “art”. Some pieces went up in May 2021, very occult looking stuff – including three mini Stonehenge’s (all with alter stones in the middle), across the street a possible “Baphomet” residing at a little kid’s water park and play area. Then … down the street what looks like a demon with a tail, further down the beach in the opposite direction … a “Saturn bench” which is a huge metal replica of the planet Saturn with the rings of the planet being the “bench”. My friend and I were horrified at so many occult symbols within a short distance of one another at a very busy local beach. We “anointed” all of it in Jesus’s name and asked for his spirit to reside in our community instead 🙏. Thank – you again Jesse and staff. Despite your “haters” you are making a very important impact in Jesus’s name … thank – you! Appreciate the work you are doing on behalf of humanity 🌹

  30. Today, my heart broke for you and your family Jessie. I’ve been praying for you fervently as much as I’m able. I have a beautiful little grandson, Josiah, and my heart would grieve so much if we lost him. May our God hear and respond to all the prayers going up for you and your family right now. – Shirley

  31. Thank you for all that you have done to illuminate the darkness. Your impact has been immense. Few of us have experienced what you have but all of us have been impacted by the enemy and we need to know the truth.
    I am so sorry for the loss of your son, Josiah. I pray for great comfort for all who love him. When I asked the Holy Spirit how to pray for you the answer was…strength! Strength and courage! We are standing with you and yours in courage and strength, Jessie. God bless you all!

  32. You have changed my life Jessie and I thank God for you and your family. You are truly a blessing, thank you so much for putting yourself out there to help change lives and to do Gods work. I’m so sorry for your loss. You have proven that with God we can do anything and you are inspirational. Praying for you always, sisters in Christ.

  33. I am wondering how I can get involved in the anointing project. My mother was in the system and I was involved in some ritualistic things when I was very small. It finally scared my mother enough she got out and came to Jesus. I love your work and I’d love to help anoint and take back the land. You are so inspirational!

  34. Is this the answer to the question, Jessie? Let the flood come…we will walk on water with our eyes on Him.

  35. What you went thru and what Father God has delivered you from is an amazing testimony to the power and might of Almighty God. May He continue to bless and anoint you in His service. With love from Australia Jesse.

    Loretta Harvey

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