Bombshell surprise: speaking to Dutch congress!

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Yesterday night, I got a message from a Dutch lady I didn’t know until that moment: Rachèl Nieuwstede. She is the owner of a petition for the rights of SRA survivors and she said she knew me through our website and some Facebook groups. Rachèl wanted to ask me a favor: tomorrow, she was going to be in a video meeting with members of the Dutch Congress/House of Representatives, and she was going to present the petition to them.

She asked me if I could join that meeting and make a speech…!

Long story short, I did it. I wrote the speech and read it in front of the members of the so-called Security and Justice Committee within the Dutch Parliament. Before I share the text with you, let me explain something about the subject:

In the Netherlands, there is an institution called the LEBZ (National Expert Group for Extraordinary Sex Offenses). This organization is looking into the complaints of victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, determining whether or not the police should start an investigation. The LEBZ is not a nice organization. It has proven to be a huge gate keeper. They prevent cases from being investigated, so the Dutch SRA victims stand no chance. Until this Summer, it was even boldly written on the homepage of their website, that their main objective is, to make sure that no person gets falsely blamed for these crimes…” The LEBZ has members who are accusing SRA survivors of having Recovered Memory Syndrome.

A handful of courageous politicians have stood up against this. They have filed a motion in Congress, asking for an independent investigation of the LEBZ. The voting still has to come, but until that time, we all need to put much effort into explaining why it is so important that the LEBZ either is cleansed from the inside out, or stopped all together.

Rachèl’s effort was to try & convince sceptic Congress members of the importance of voting for an investigation of the LEBZ, by presenting the signed petition.

And this speech was my contribution to the effort:

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle of criminal law, which states that everyone should be held innocent until proven otherwise.

That’s what Wikipedia tells us.

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The presumption of innocence is a legal presumption and not a presumption of facts. This means that the suspect may not be treated legally as if he had already been convicted. Those involved must therefore always speak in terms of suspect, or for example, the suspected person during an investigation or criminal trial.

What makes the LEBZ a rather peculiar “expert group” is that, of all things, they are using this fundamental principle of criminal law to sentence them to being mentally challenged victims of shrinks who are masters in eisegesis.  

We have gathered by means of this video meeting to present you our petition. About the objective of this petition I can be brief: we want an independent investigation of the LEBZ and so we want the majority of Congress to vote in favor of that investigation.

I know Ritual Abuse survivors from all over the world and I’m in daily contact with them. When I first heard the testimony of one of them myself, I was shocked in the first instance. But pretty soon after that, a little voice entered my head telling me to be careful. It could be that my new friend had made up a significant part of her story, or had at least exaggerated it.

In the months that followed, interesting things started to happen, to say the least. I got to know other people, who didn’t know my friend. They confirmed elements of her story because they had experienced it too. They also knew the same people from “The Satanic Network” and they told me exactly the same stories about those people. And they could not have taken that inside info from the internet, because back then, my friend’s life story was not published online yet. There also was an overlap in the locations mentioned and the description of the behavior of the criminals who raped and tortured them.

So I had to actually conclude that my new friend’s story was consistent.

Yes, you heard that right. I called the people in question criminals, and I did that consciously. Because strangely enough, many people don’t see the abusers and rapists of these survivors that way. The problem is cognitive dissonance, where your thoughts linger on the incredible-sounding elements of someone’s testimony.

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Now I understand that not everyone believes in the existence of Ba al, Moloch and Satan. And even fewer believe that they demand child sacrifice, the blood of adults and children murdered in a dark setting with black candles and a pentagram drawn on the ground. But what you believe does not matter. The point is that THEY believe in it. And they act on it.

These are activities that fall under the same heading as burglary, drug trafficking or money laundering: they are CRIMES.

So if the rapes and beatings in a ritual setting are CRIMES, why are they not treated the same as, say, drug trafficking? Does anyone ever say to someone who files a complaint against such an offence, “We better not dig too deep into this case, because God forbid that we end up accusing an innocent person of drug trafficking”…?


I am part of an international group of friends called Illuminate The Darkness . Every day, we do our best to support victims of Child Sex Trafficking and Ritual Abuse. The whole month of November, our special focus is on the problems in the Netherlands. In that context, I have gathered a number of testimonies of what can happen if you seek counsel and help from the police and the Justice Department, and published them on Twitter. Let me read a few of them to you:

1 “My rapist and stalker was controlled by a satanic sect. The longer his stalking lasted, the less the police was willing to help and protect me. Another girl in my neighborhood was stalked by her ex-boyfriend. The police also refused to help her. She was murdered. I had to move to a secret location.”

2 “The man who raped me has been stalking me for 22 years. Initially it seemed the police were very helpful. But that changed when they saw that they were not able to stop the stalker. At that point the police turned against me.”

3 “Did you know that the statute of limitations for stalking in the Netherlands is 6 years, and that therefore stalking that lasts longer than that is not legally included as evidence in an investigation? Exactly that happened to me…”

4 “The Compensation Fund for Victims of Violent Crimes did not want to compensate me after I had been sexually abused. They wrote, “We’re taking into account the chance that you have helped the perpetrator when he raped you.”

The victim blaming… That was the worst, I think. And I should know, because all the above statements came from me. Only because of my faith in God have I been able to survive. Still, I guarantee you that what I’m experiencing is peanuts compared to what the survivors of Ritual Abuse are going through.

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The torture did not stop for them when they turned their backs on the System. They are still confronted daily with the physical and psychological implications of those proverbial shards of glass in their vagina. (See the English transcript of Dutch radio documentary “Shards of Glass and Dark Rituals”, by Argos Radio – June this year.) Many of them have to live with the absence of a child that was murdered. And then there are the daily triggers. Caused by trauma, or residual damage of experiments with trauma based mind control. Do you know what it feels like to end up in a blind panic, only by seeing or hearing seemingly innocent words, movies, or even numbers or colors? Do you have any idea what it is like, to have to look over your shoulder since ever, because you are never completely safe… After all, you have been abducted a few times already by people who are not happy with you, leaving their cult…

Dear members of the Security and Justice Committee, please realize that the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse are all heroes. Purely because they are still alive.

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The stories they have told to some of you are only euphemistic versions of reality. Because I can state out of personal experience that they have many reasons to hardly ever go into the gruesome details when telling of what was done to them. They want to protect the listener. They want to keep their friends from running away from them. They need to be careful, because if they aren’t, family and loved ones are in danger.

What I want to point out is this: if the testimony of a survivor of Ritual Abuse sounds too bizarre to be true – if it borders to the unbelievable, then the thigs that really happened to him or her is often much, much worse. Do you remember what you felt like when I was reading those Twitter messages with my experiences to you?

The Universal Declaration of Human Right tells us, among other things, that you have the right to be legally acknowledged and that if you have been wronged, you must receive legal protection.

Help, safety and healing start when someone is taken seriously… when the provided evidence is actually examined and witness statements are carefully compared!

That is why I would urge you to show your courage. Defend & support the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Vote for an investigation of the LEBZ.

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Marion, November 24, 2020.

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  1. Wow! Very well said! People aren’t going to know what hit them when these truths come out. I just pray for the children in the tunnels. Praying medbeds can help heal them

  2. Dear Marion thank you for sharing your experiences and for your courage to stand against evil. I do not know but perhaps you can get help via International Tribunal for Natural Justice

    God bless you, every other survivor of SRA and all of those who did not survive. The truth will prevail

  3. I find frustrating doesn’t come close to the feeling of knowing the chances of the authorities you go to for help with being a victim of SRA are in some dark way involved in the practice themselves which is the case in many places . For example CPS in the us and Australia. I heart breaks everytime I think of people threasa and cathy.thank God they are relentless. The world needs to know about people like Nicole kidman’s father a proliphic pedophile and torturer and murder.tom hanks who left the us because he got caught as did kidman’s dad.

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