Hands: Marked Sacred Ground

Hands Holy ground How is holy ground marked? Identified? Above ground…below ground How many hands can we find? Airports, Casinos, Malls, Billboards… Search…search….search

Ritual (Part 4) A building made of brick A basement that gives way to miles of tunnels The tunnel walls all marked Marked with what? A woman stands with a bowl filled with blood in her hands The boy and girl stand before a tall wall with grey bricks It is time

All their identifiers made as an offering upon holy ground To whom? For what?

They have been prepped, prepared How many times did they stand before this wall How often did they have to practice pressing their hand in a certain way Their hands touching prints left by those who went before them Thousands upon thousands of hands upon the wall

Above ground Below ground Holy ground is always marked

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  1. Jessie, Listened to part 2 of your interview at Truth Unsealed. Has alot of this Satanism been engaged from the foundation of our nation? Tiffany

    1. The answer to your question – has Satanism been around from the foundation of our nation?

      Who do you think it was – that told Eve to eat the apple.

      It has been around for centuries, from ancient times – to Babylon – all the way to the present day. This is nothing new – you are just hearing it for the first time.

      1. I went through stuff from 18 mo.s to 5 years old my mother left me in foster care but kidnapped me back in 1969 from prince rupert British columbia thank God cuz I knew more about sex at 5 years old than most teenagers.never had anybody to talk to I have a scar under my p*nis that I dont remember getting so it must have happened in foster care count stitches I do remember sitting in a sink full of blood though. Anyway thank you for sharing your intent story I really appreciate you I am also following Christ now God bless you Mark P

        On Mon, Aug 24, 2020, 7:04 AM Illuminate the Darkness, wrote:

        > Nasser abuhamda commented: “The answer to your question – has Satanism > been around from the foundation of our nation? Who do you think it was – > that told Eve to eat the apple. It has been around for centuries, from > ancient times – to Babylon – all the way to the present day. T” >

    1. Jessie: I watched your zoom video with Jacko, Chantel and Pastor Dragonfly. Do you believe that When God spoke to you And told you to leave that he was essentially giving the world another chance based on your absence during the almost complete “inauguration” of the Antichrist?

      Thank you for being so outspoken it must be a constant shoulder watcher. God bless you.

  2. I just want to know if – Jessie – has contacted president Trump on these matters? Also has Jesse exposed Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and all others from Hollywood as well as the political arena?

    And if so – why aren’t there any arrest made yet?

    1. We know my friend Barry Seal told everyone in DC about the Clinton’s trafficking drugs and children. You can see the movie, “American Hero” All that happened was he was set up to be shot down in our hometown. Are you kidding all of DC worship Molach? You” have to” or you dont get to be in high power. They are the gate keepers. Yes, I know even Trump is more than evil. Pence’s wife is high up in witch a coven .Keep on thinking that those in power are going to take down someone in their coven. You are kidding yourself. The only thing that comes form “telling” is sure death. If man could stop this evil. Jesus would not be needed to come back. No end to their evils until Jesus returns.

      1. I agree jesse but the end game for deep state is fake alien invasion. The demons convincing everybody there from outer space. I think you are in for a bit of a surprise.
        I know it will take christ to take it down but alot is going to happen that is going to test all
        “Christians” loyLy to GOD. READ HABAKKUK 1:4 5

  3. Jessie
    I assume since you made it so far you were not only under Gods protection but also a elites child. I am assuming your proctor was someone who’s name we would recognize. I am anxious for this entire Illuminati would be taken down and my heart is only full of Jesus. I try not to be frightened but wonder if a mortal man as trump can be successful in this takedown. We all need to be praying constantly to stop them. Thank you for your commitment to help the children.

  4. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this information together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  5. Thank you Jessie. God is blessing all the work you and others are doing to save the Children. I listen, and have heard most of your Dark Outpost interviews. You are awesome to put yourself out there for the children. God bless you.

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