Whistleblower Huig Plug under attack again!

UPDATE – Friday, November 4, 2022 – PRAISE REPORT: At noon (Amsterdam time) today, Huig was released from prison! This is the vlog he recorded after he came home this afternoon… more news will come tomorrow, but he’s already alluding to the fact that again, many things have not gone the way they should have during his detention!

Thank you so very much for praying, prayer warriors! Please continue to pray, for Huig’s safety, but also for his family and his former colleges of the prison hospital, who are still backing him as a whistleblower!

UPDATE – Thursday, November 3, 2022 BREAKING: Half an hour ago, at 11:25 AM CET, Huig was arrested. PRAY & stay tuned!! For more info, read yesterday’s blog below.

A long time has passed since we’ve posted a blog on this website, and a lot has happened since January this year. In March, not only federal whistleblower Huig Plug was arrested again, but also his nephew Pieter, and Marlies (Lisa’s mother). Needless to say that strange games are being played and the threats that were attached to this story were so serious, that since their detention (that lasted a few weeks) Huig and Pieter are not able to have any contact with Marlies and Lisa. And on top of that, Pieter cannot have any contact with Huig either!

Let that sink in. The Powers That Be in the Netherlands are making it impossible for an uncle and his nephew to contact each other.

All the Dutch whistleblowers and their loved ones have to be very careful as to what they are saying and doing. But Huig is not sitting still. He’s been working on his case against the Prison Hospital where he used to work as a guard and where he blew the whistle due to various issues. He’s been in court for that, and on a small scale, Justice has taken its course.

Still, we haven’t heard the voice of the Fat Lady yet. And today, a new little thingie was added to this ongoing story: this morning, at 7:30 AM, three police officers were spotted at Huig’s front door. Huig was elsewhere, but to hear from a neighbor that ‘they’ had been there again, is intimidating to say the least.

This is why I’m asking for extra prayer. Pray for Huig and all other whistleblowers of the Netherlands! Return every curse to sender in Jesus’ name, rebuke and bind demons, principalities and all other agents of Satan, and stand tall in the name of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, against every illegality and unrightful attack. Pray for the covering of Jesus’ blood…

…and put Ephesians 6 in practice!

Someone posted a video today, with a compilation of what has happened the last couple of years. Although it’s in Dutch, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the ‘feel’ of what our beautiful little country has become…

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  1. I vehemently endorse your struggle and pray for you, my brethren! I’m in N. Carolina USA but lived in Netherlands long ago. I love you – we’re in a worldwide battle together, and in Jesus we are victors!

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