Dutch police refuses to share information with whistleblower Huig Plug’s family on his situation and whereabouts.

Friday, January 7, 2022 – 26 hours after Dutch federal whistleblower Huig Plug’s arrest, his nephew Pieter shares on Twitter about his situation at the police station. Click on the photo to see the video. Below, you can read the transcription in English:

Pieter, talking: It’s 11:58 am (CET). I just went to the front desk of the Jan Hendriksstraat Police Station (The Hague). I have to say that was getting a bit agitated. I said: “For 26 hours now, I’ve kept my mouth shut. Could I please hear from you what in the world is happening (to Huig)?”

“No, for privacy reasons, we won’t tell you.”

Well that just doesn’t make sense. Especially because I’m (Huig’s) family, they need to disclose this information.

“Eh yeah, those are the rules,” they say, and those rules are what they keep on hiding behind…

Well eh, I can only say, “Today it’s us, tomorrow it’s you.”

The rules. The Netherlands, today, Friday…

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