DUTCH FEDERAL WHISTLEBLOWER HUIG PLUG ARRESTED… AGAIN! Video footage with transcript in English!

Source: Nieuws.nl

This is an emergency call for prayer! This morning, at 10:00 am CET, Dutch federal whistleblower Huig Plug was arrested again. We don’t know what the charges are and we don’t know for sure where he is. Below, you’ll find a couple of videos with live footage of the arrest. Huig was vlogging this morning, together with his nephew Pieter, like they do every day, on Het Plein, the square in front of the Binnenhof government building in The Hague. He was just talking to the camera, when, from two corners of the square, police officers approached him. They handcuffed and arrested him…

Prayer warriors, Huig needs A LOT OF FERVENT PRAYER! He is in serious danger – the System in the Netherlands is running scared and truly going berserk, the last couple of days. Pray that Huig will be protected by Jesus’ blood, by strong and cunning angels, by a ring of fire of the Holy Spirit. Pray for inner peace and the right words for him to say and for wisdom as to when to be silent.

Also pray for Pieter, his nephew! He is his representative and he is doing his utmost to get clarity as to which are the charge against Huig. The police are, yet again, invoking privacy legislation, and until now, they have told him nothing about Huig’s whereabouts.

I have made transcripts of what was said in the videos, so in case you don’t know Dutch, you can still be a witness to what has transpired this morning. For legal reasons, I have ***’d some of the names that were mentioned:

Huig’s arrest I, 10:00 am, Jan 6, 2022.

TRANSCRIPT in ENGLISH of the above video:

Officer: “Guys, I’d say, take him away from here, because eh… more and more…”

Officer: “Turn around, please…”

Huig: “Yeah, eh, wait a second – the previous time, items of mine have disappeared.”

Officer: “Yes, but now… I recommend you to cooperate.”

Huig: “Are you gonna handcuff me?? Huh?”

Pieter: “Handcuffed? What is this? Huh??”

Huig: “I’m not a criminal!”

Pieter: “Huh?? What in the world is this??”

Huig: “I’ve got a right to a lawyer! Hey, careful with my hand!”

Officer: “Send a car to the square please… over.”

Huig: “Was it really your intention to handcuff me? Wait, my hand, careful!”

Officer: “Take it easy.”

Huig: “Take it easy??”

Huig: “Put this online, Pieter! Put it online now!”

Pieter: “Yes.”

Huig: “Watch this! I’m a whistleblower. I’m the whistleblower of the Justice Department!”

Pieter: “Huig, say something!”

Huig: “I’m the whistleblower of the Justice Department. It’s a shame! (Prime minister, red.) Rutte is involved in a huge cover up! I am the whistleblower of the Justice Department! M*****e v*n d*r P**s is my ex, involved in the Gymnastics Abuse Case! Items that were mine have disappeared during my detention.”

Pieter: “What are the charges, Huig?”

Huig: “What are the charges?? I don’t have a location ban!”

Officer: “Keep on walking! Keep on walking!”

Huig: “Do you agree with me that there has been fraud with judiciary reports? Siebe Rietstra is involved in my covered up files!”

Huig: “Don’t touch my representative! Pieter P********t is my representative! Don’t you touch him, please! He is my representative!”

Pieter: “Where is he being brought to?”

Huig: “Where am I going? Why are you with so many? I’m saying this for your sake!

I’m saying this for your sake!!”

Huig’s arrest II, 10:00 am, Jan 6, 2022.

TRANSCRIPT in ENGLISH of the above video:

Huig: “Why am I handcuffed? Do you really hold me for a criminal?? You should arrest V*****t L******s! A child rapist! Fourth term of the Rutte-regime! The people should see this! Guys, I’m also fighting for you, the police! How is this possible?? I’m fighting for you!”

Pieter: “Take it easy, Huig…”

Huig: (unclear what he’s saying here)

Pieter: “Huig, easy…”

Huig: “I’m a reporter! District Attorney V*n D********n has framed me! … There go my belongings again…”

Pieter: “Phones gone?”

Huig: “I am a whistleblower!! …. “Rutte IV, this is the new governance culture – a dictatorship. D**k S****f… involved in the cover up of my file. He’s the secretary general (of the Justice Department)… well eh, Pieter… people of the Netherlands, I’m the whistleblower. Don’t you forget about it!”

Pieter: “Okay, there he goes… Huig… about ten officers involved. Thank you “Den Haag Vandaag” (The Hague Today – a famous Dutch expression used by people reporting on politics and current affairs from The Hague). Going well. Excellent. Unbelievable. Unbelievable… we’re not doing anything! Incredible, this… well, there he goes. I’m heading to the Jan Hendriksstraat Police Station now. Unbelievable…”

In case the tweets are taken offline, you can see the footage via this link:

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  1. Don’t know what to say right now! Only tears. Praying. Please heavenly Father stay with Huig and protect from this evil that is taken Palace. Please protect him Lord. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen

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