Round House series III: This wheel’s on fire!

Image by Rich Dahlgren via Unsplash.

Anticipation is a weak euphemism for the feeling that is stirring me on the inside. Since I didn’t finish all of the stories in my previous blogs and consequently left you with an open ending, I feel like a rock climber that is hanging by the very cliff that I want to conquer. I know that I need an explosion of energy, in order to give it a wild sway and get a grip of solid ground. I owe you, after all. But I’m also impatient, simply because I’m so excited about the connections that were finally laid during my research and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

In order to give you the best possible insight into the found connections, I’m going to start off by taking you on a journey through Dutch and German history. We will delve into the backgrounds and occult beliefs of some intriguing characters and I will tell you what motivated them to purchase several plots of haggard land in the middle of an extended forest… and how that impacted an entire nation!

But first, let me give you a recap. This is my third blog in this series… do you remember how it all began? A couple of months ago, my friend Marjolein and I were talking about our carefree childhood years and the children’s songs we used to sing in the school yard. When we stumbled upon the Song Of Seven, Marjolein reminded me of a Dutch youth TV series from the eighties that went by the same name. And then she mused: “You know, there is this mansion, the Round House. Each time I’m reading something about it, I cannot help but thinking of The Song Of Seven. Remember – that tv-series? If you look at it closely, there are so many similarities!” The house that she was talking about was a mysterious mansion, hidden in the northernmost forests of the Veluwe in the Netherlands. It had been plagued by persistent rumors about dark rituals, extravagant sex orgies and the disappearance of underaged girls, pretty much ever since it was built in 1907. The Round House was demolished in 1967, but the rumors have never ceased.

And Marjolein was right… As soon as she gave me some examples of the strange similarities between those two stories, also I could easily think of some eye-catching resemblances. In my first blog in this series (1) you can read all about that, and about what happened next, because from that moment on, God took us on a journey of discoveries that went further than we ever dared to expect. One of the things I did during the first weeks of our research, was to track down a possible link between Tonke Dragt (the writer of The Song Of Seven) and Johan Montenberg, who was a prominent witness to the atrocities that had taken place at the Round House. And then there were those strange hints to mind control in that TV series, which premiered in 1982 and still appears to have an influence on the Dutch people.

In my second blog (2) I delved into the history of The Song Of Seven and discovered that its roots lay in Germanic paganism. We also talked about the significance of seven as a number, and learned that it has many symbolic meanings in various cultures. In addition to that, I reported on a visit that Marjolein and I made to the location of the former Round House, and what we found there in a spiritual sense. To us, it was obvious that there had been occult activity, and that to this day, the place is demonically charged… but for what reason?

During the existence of the Round House, occult activity on its premises was observed by several witnesses. Years later, some of them dared to speak of what they saw in the house and the forest. There were reports of dark rituals at full moon, of hooded people and sex with young girls, mystifying initiations and human sacrifices on a stone altar. At a few points in history, even human remains were found on the estate.

You may wonder why the owner of the house, Frank van Vloten (1858-1930), chose to have the Round House built exactly in this forest, due south of the village of Nunspeet. Was the choice for this location purely based on the fact that it was a beautiful spot in nature and that the ground was cheap? Or was there more to it?

I can answer by saying that there were two main reasons why Frank van Vloten chose this location. For the first one we need to go back in time to AD 9. In that year, the so-called Varusschlacht (Varus-battle, 3) took place in Kalkriese, a township just north of Osnabrück, Germany. This was a huge battle between the four tribes of the Teutons, led by nobleman Hermann der Cherusker, and three legions of the Roman army, led by warlord Varus. The Teutons defeated the Romans and only a few soldiers managed to escape. One group fled south and reached the army camp in Xanten. Another group went to the West and ended up in what we now call the Netherlands. They were slain in the Veluwe area and sacrificed by the Teutons to Woden (Odin) on the so-called Mythstee, an ancient open-air ritual and court place. At least, that is what Frank van Vloten believed, and it apparently was significant enough for him to purchase exactly that piece of haggard land in order include it into his estate.

The second reason for him to build the Round House on this location, was that it was situated on an important crossing of old Germanic ley lines. Van Vloten had connections with a movement that had the recovery of these long forgotten lines as one of their objectives – the pan-Germanic ultra-nationalist Alldeutscher Verband (4). But how in the world did Frank van Vloten get to a point where he felt an affinity with a group like that? What were the backgrounds of this bizarre worldview of his?

The Van Vloten sibling with their mother. Standing, FLTR: Martha, Willem, Gerlof and Frank. Sitting, FLTR: Kitty, mother Elisabeth,
Odo and Betsy.
Johannes van Vloten.

In order to find out more about that, we should start out by taking a look at his family background. Frank’s father, Johannes van Vloten (1818-1883), was married to Elisabeth van Gennep (1824-1906). Johannes was a theologian, linguist and researcher. He was a great admirer of Benedict de Spinoza and can be seen as the founder of modern humanism in the Netherlands. Johannes Van Vloten was a passionate freethinker. Like their father, Frank, his three sisters and three brothers were all nonconformist souls. A reflection of this was the circle of people they socialized with, so it was not surprising that the sisters all got married to members of a Dutch renewal movement for artists, the so-called Tachtigers (5). Martha became the wife of writer and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden (The Deeps of Deliverance, 6), Betsy got married to painter Willem Witsen (7) and Kitty tied the knot with translator and poet Albert Verwey (8) (he translated i.a. Byron, Shelley and Goethe).

Willem van Vloten.

Both Albert Verwey and Frank’s brother Gerlof (9) will prove to be of great significance in this story. I’ll tell you more about him in a minute, but first let’s have a look at Frank’s eldest brother, Willem (1855-1925). Through the years, he played an important role in Frank’s life. Willem (10) was a chemical and mining engineer and a large landowner. Right after Highschool, he moved to Germany and married Marie Helene Wagner. They had three children. Willem was a successful businessman and became the CEO of several of the biggest blast furnaces in the country. A year after his retirement and return to the Netherlands. In 1918, he became one of the founders and commissioners of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Hoogovens N.V. – a blast furnace and steel factory in IJmuiden. That was Willem’s professional life in bird’s flight.

Now let’s go back to 1902. In that year, Frank purchased several lots south of Nunspeet. His eldest brother advised him in that. They put these pieces of land together and named it Nieuw Nunspeet. This was where they built the Round House (1907), and as said before, both the ancient Mythstee and a crossing of two Germanic ley lines were situated right there, on the premises of the estate. Now this is where the story gets interesting, because the two brothers appeared to have secretly developed a plan for this location. They wanted to turn it into occult testing grounds! But how could they pull that off, with the fundamentalist protestant villagers of Nunspeet living right around the corner? I mean – it was hardly doable to build a wall or place a high fence around the entire land… So they decided to use a form of deception that no one would see coming: Frank van Vloten was going to turn crazy. Yes, you heard that right, crazy! He was going to exploit his dark side to the fullest and act like an erratic, rude lord. He was going to dress in black and ride a jet black horse. He would curse like a heretic and always have his hunting gun handy in order to fire unexpected bursts at just about anything that moved. And then he would go to the village and employ many of the dog-poor men to work in his private forest.

The villagers were initially taken aback by Mr. van Vloten, but were also relieved that someone had come to actually offer them a job. So they started working on the premises of the Round House. Van Vloten gave them assignments and they happily fulfilled them without questioning… although the things they had to do did not really make sense to them.

Die Kosmiker – FLTR Karl Wolfskehl, Alfred Schuler, Ludwig Klages, Stephan George and Albert Verwey.

You may ask yourself what the rest of Frank’s family had to do with the plans for these occult testing grounds. The person that was most often spoken of in this context was Albert Verwey, Frank’s brother-in-law. He was not only part of the Dutch artist group De Tachtigers, but was also closely affiliated with the Münchener Kosmiker (The Munich Cosmic Circle, 11) in Germany. The Kosmiker were a para religious group of intellectuals, who rejected Christianity and strove for going back to Germanic paganism with its deities, among whom Woden was the supreme god. The most prominent members of the Kosmiker were Karl Wolfskehl, Alfred Schuler, Ludwig Klages, Stephan George. Also Albert Verwey was part of this group. The obsession of the Kosmiker with ancient rites, Germanic holy places and everything cultural that was associated with that went far, very far. The most radical ideologist of them all, Alfred Schuler, was influenced by the writings of Aleister Crowley (12) and had close contact with French occultist Gérard Encausse, a.k.a. Papus (13).

Schuler had particularly perverted ideas about sexuality and his thoughts about pan-Germanism became more and more extreme over the years. He even could be called downright antisemitic and his introduction of the swastika inspired aryen-centric groups to start using it as a symbol for their ideology. This eventually resulted in a rift between him (supported by Ludwig Klages) and the Jewish Karl Wolfskehl (supported by Stephan George and Albert Verwey.) Stephan George was good friends with Frank van Vloten’s brother Gerlof. When Gerlof died of suicide in 1903, he dedicated a poem to him, which can be found in his book Der siebente Ring (The Seventh Circle, 14). When seeing the title of this book, I of course couldn’t resist checking the background of it. The significance that Stephan George attributes to the number 7 and the thoughts reflected in the book… well… it’s all centered around that one number again, isn’t it?

Knowing all this about the Kosmiker, we can easily conclude that this group must have had a huge influence on the development of the plans for the premises of the Round House. Even Willem was in direct contact with them and research has shown that he and his brother Gerlof were especially inspired by the more radical ideas of Alfred Schuler and Ludwig Klages.

The Cerne Abbas Giant.

So what did Frank do with the grounds around his house? To understand the concept of it, let me show you a picture of something that was integrated into a hill in the county of Dorset in the United Kingdom, centuries ago. This is the Cerne Abbas Giant (15). A figure, with outlines formed by shallow trenches in the soil, filled with chalk rubble – a so-called geoglyph.

Frank van Vloten’s objective was to have a figure like that, stretching out over 1.55 miles (!) on his estate, of the Germanic supreme god Woden! And for that, he didn’t only use chalk rubble to fill up trenches, but also carefully positioned trees, brushes, hills, ponds, paths… and even the Round House!

Image is from the book “De Geschiedenis van het Ronde Huis”. Copyright of Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis and Uitgeverij Nunspeet. By e-mailing or calling the bookseller, Osinga Boek & Kantoor, you can order this book. Click on the image for info. Book is in Dutch.

This was the reason that he employed tens of men from Nunspeet. They were there to plant those trees, to dig out those trenches and build those paths. And really, the vast majority of these men had no idea what they were doing. They were ordered, for instance, to remove a small hill and then create exactly the same kind of hill the next day, only a few yards away from the former one. Or they were told to create sawas (rice fields), but the rice was never planted. Still, they didn’t ask a single question. Their traditional outlook on life and dire need of an income caused them to refrain from talking badly about their employer, even if he was acting like a madman. And that was exactly the mechanism that Van Vloten had been hoping for! His smoke screen was working.

Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Hendrik. Click on the image for more info.

And he needed that smoke screen, because he was not only working on that secret project – he also had visitors… visitors for whom discretion was of utmost importance. Servants of Van Vloten have seen these notables arrive on various occasions, go to the attic and withdraw into rooms that these servants were under no circumstances allowed to enter… These gatherings took place under the guise of hunting parties and the guests were very fond of their brandy & cigars, their girls-on-demand and the hunting parties that were held on the premises. But were those frivolous feasts and hunting parties the real reason that these people met on the estate? Fact was that they were all pro-Germany – even in the First World War (1914-1918). There are accounts of visits by General J.B. van Heutsz (16, adjutant in extraordinary service of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands), his son J.B. van Heutsz jr., various representatives of the German military, some German captains of industry, and harbor tycoons from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. However, the most notable of the visitors of the Round House was Prince Hendrik, Queen Wilhelmina’s husband! His full, original name was Heinrich zu Mecklenburg-Schwerin because he was German by birth. In WWI, it was not very strange for someone in the Netherlands to have sympathy for Germany, though. You have to keep in mind that the United Kingdom had attacked the Farmers’ Republics (now South Africa), and that the people who lived there were descendants of the Dutch, so in the Netherlands these people still were seen as family. Moreover, the English controlled the sea route to the Dutch East Indies during those years.

Yet, the Dutch government was strictly neutral during the First World War, and that was not always in favor of the Germans, since they very much would have liked to use the province of Limburg in the Netherlands as a transfer region and the rest of the country as a buffer against the U.K. More than once, the Germans tried to pressure the Dutch into choosing sides with them. The commander in chief of land and naval forces, General C.J. Snijders (17), was pro-Germany and tried to convince the government to give up their neutrality. That must have been one of the main subjects during the meetings in the Round House. Snijders himself was most probably never part of those conferences, but he was supported by Queen Wilhelmina and worked together with General van Heutsz. Also the harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam must have been a topic of conversation. The harbor tycoons loved their German customers, for they were big business. If the English would gain control over them, that would mean an end to that… And then there was the big picture, Germany’s strife to win this war.

First World War map. For more maps and explanation, visit by clicking on the above picture.

And that is where the Mannenbond Freya came in! (= The Freya Bond of Men. The composition of this group cannot be attributed one to one to the above mentioned elite visitors.) As the host of the estate, Frank van Vloten was a facilitating member of this group of about eight to ten men, who were all deep into Germanic paganism and magic. The Freya Bond of Men was part of the Germanenorden (18), which was the precursor of the Thule Society (19), the very organization that facilitated the founding of the DAP (German Workers’ Party), which later developed into Hitler’s Nazi-party NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party, 20)! The reason why this bond named itself Freya must be found in the fact that it’s the name of the Germanic goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex, gold, and war, among others. She is said to be closely affiliated with Woden (Odin, 21). Interesting detail: the origin of the name Woden can be found in the Proto-Germanic *woðanaz, ‘lord of frenzy’ or ‘leader of the possessed’.

Now what do you get when you merge the power and activities of these two groups – the head pieces from the military, industry and politics, and the Freya Bond of Men? Exactly! Magical rituals to catalyze the military and political endeavors through the spiritual realm, in order to ensure that Germany would win the battle with France, and with that, the war. But it went further. There were also eugenic experiments by occult means, and the attempts to get an occult grip over the Netherlands. This was all part of the strife to establish a Greater Germanic Empire that would bear beyond the German borders into European countries that they saw as Germanic. And one of those countries was the Netherlands!

There are clues that the secret political meetings may not have been the only reason why personnel of the house were not permitted in the attic rooms. It was believed that young girls were held on this floor, and more than once a penetrating, strange smell was picked up by servants on the second floor or in the stairwell. Therefore we can assume that the place was used for various purposes: political conferences, bohemian gatherings with lots of drinking and abuse of drugs and children, and celebrations that preceded rituals at full moon on the Mythstee in the forest.

Every element of the above mentioned had one main goal, and that was not to protect the country that the Round House was situated in – the Netherlands.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Image from the book De Geschiedenis van het Ronde Huis, by the Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis. Click on the image to go to the publisher/bookseller’s website. Call or e-mail them to order this book. Book is in Dutch.
Still from tv-series The Song of Seven.

After you have recovered from the shock, let me take you back to the present.

Do me a favor and have a look at these two pictures here. After that, scroll back up, to that drawing that I showed you of the Woden-geoglyph. Do you see the similarities between the helmets and the spears? And even in the moustaches and beards on the above image and the picture on the right? Strangely enough, one of these three pictures isn’t Woden at all. It’s a drawing of Gekke Gregorius (Crazy Gregory), a fictional historical figure from the TV series of The Song of Seven! That surely made me stop and think… it means that we found another hint to Germanic paganism in this media production.

This reminds me – you may or may not have noticed, but when I finished my second blog (Round House series II: Seven Jumps from Past to Present), I left you with a story that was only half finished. The story about the ritual origins of The Song Of Seven. What I mentioned there already, was that there were reports of people in history, dancing clockwise around a burning wheel. This was done to enhance the fertility of the land. The name of that dance was The Seven Jumps. But then I searched further, using the term burning wheel. And the result gave me the shivers:

Osterräderlauf in Lügde. Easter Wheel Run in Lügde, Germany. 2019. Video from Dechenverein Lügde.

In the German town of Lügde (22), each year at Easter, six huge oak wheels are stuffed with straw and brushwood and rolled down the hill after being set on fire, with the wheels going around 60 km/h (37 mph). This is a custom that goes back at least as far as the year AD 784, and it has everything to do with the fertility of the land. Originally, this ritual was done around Summer Solstice, but the church didn’t like the occult connotation, so they moved it to the Spring season.

As many of you may know, the wagon wheel is seen as a sun symbol, but also as a symbol for thunder and fire. Check out these two pictures. They stand for the Slavic gods Svetovid and Perun:

From the blog Old European Culture.

In the second half of the Summer, between the Day of Svetovid (mid-Summer) and the Day of Perun (beginning of autumn), the hours of the sun are already shortening, but its heat is still increasing and drought is taking its toll on the land. The solar wheel on the left represents Svetovid (23), the sun-god of war, fertility and abundance. But then, right after the scorching dog days (24), Perun (the god of storm and thunder, 25) arrives (and the solar wheel turns into a fiery wheel). With his first autumn storms and rain Perun extinguishes the fire and heat on the fields, so the crops are saved and the harvest will be successful. Okay, go back to the Easter Wheel Run in Lügde. You now recognize the symbolism, don’t you? The wheels, stuffed with straw and brushwood, are rolling down the hill, burning harder and harder because of the increased air circulation around the wheel. The goal is to let the blazing wheel reach the very foot of the hill, where it ideally spoken ends up in the river, so its fire is extinguished. It was believed that this would guarantee a successful harvest. And even though many people won’t believe that anymore, I’m convinced that this custom was not just a tradition of old, but an actual magical ritual, which still has its influence today. By the way, the Easter Wheel Run is not only a tradition from Lügde. It is done all through Europe: in various places in Germany, in Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, in Austria, Switzerland and the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales. In Sleswig, Germany, there is a custom that’s slightly resembling this: at Winter Solstice, youth are rolling a wagon wheel down the streets.

Easter Wheel Run in Lügde, Germany.

So here we are, with at our hands an ancient Germanic dance, a mysterious TV series, a mansion with dark rituals on its premises… and everything is somehow interlinked.

Or not. I keep on getting this feeling that something is missing. But what…?

Wait – that mansion. There must be more to that mansion. Then, suddenly, I remembered something that I read somewhere, about the day in 1907 when the construction of the Round House was completed. People were curious and came by to take a look. Even Nunspeet’s mayor, Jhr. H.F. Schuurbeque Boeije, came to check the place out. He asked Frank van Vloten why it had a round shape. In answer to that, Van Vloten spoke the legendary words: “When I no longer like Nunspeet, I’ll turn the house over on its side and roll it to another municipality.”

Ground floor of the Round House. Image is from the book “De Geschiedenis van het Ronde Huis”. Copyright of Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis, Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis 2 and Uitgeverij Nunspeet. By e-mailing or calling the bookseller, Osinga Boek & Kantoor, you can order this book. Click on the image for info.

Oh. Boy. That was such an Illuminati-joke! Speaking in code, yet saying it right in our faces… do you realize that the bastard just told us exactly what the Round House meant to him? It was a wheel, a blinking solar wheel! Look at the picture on the left!

This connection is so profound that I almost cannot find the words for it. The shape of the Round House gives us the very hint to the character of the rituals that were performed. It was all about fertility, about life and death… and then, again (new, enhanced?) life!

Years ago, around 1990, I was a young Christian and part of a prayer group in Amsterdam. At one of our meetings, I told my friends what I had just read about the city of Nijmegen. It was said that Satanists there had ritually dedicated the city to Satan and I was rather alarmed over that. The reaction of someone in the prayer group stuck with me for a long time, but not in a positive way… This guy said in an unctuous voice that he was confident that there were very nice, faithful Christians who were already covering that in prayer. Everything in me screamed, “Yes of course, but….. uuugh!” Yet, back then, I couldn’t put my finger on what caused me to feel so impatient.

Now I realize what it was, though. When God puts a burden on your heart – when He gives you a feeling of urgency about a person or situation, you better start praying. We cannot always see why exactly we need to pray, but it’s good to be obedient, because this obedience could change things around that person or situation, in ways we are not able to comprehend upfront!

What I’m feeling for the subject of these blogs comes very close to that burden. Ever since Marjolein and I started discussing The Song Of Seven and the Round House, we have been praying about it, asking the Lord what He wanted to show us through the research. And He did give great clarity as to which steps we needed to take. That is how we came to the decision to visit the site of the former estate. Furthermore, He provided intel. Not only through search results on the internet, but also through people who approached me.

Image by Aaron Burden via Unsplash.

What happened for instance, right after we had been praying at the site of the Round House, was that different friends and acquaintances came to me, independently from each other. They all told me that they knew individuals who were going to that site on a more or less regular basis. And these people didn’t go there to pray to the God of Israel! So just as Marjolein and I had already sensed and seen (we found those three roses, placed crosswise over human ashes at the foot of a tree – remember?), pagan and Satanic rituals are still taking place on the location of the Round House. And here is something freaky: one friend said that someone she knows has had, or is having the experience that the Round House still is in place, as if it had never been demolished! She apparently was brought into a state that made her see things that she otherwise never saw. Of course I wanted to find out if something like that is possible at all, so I asked my dear friend Jessie Czebotar (26). She explained to me that entire buildings can exist in other dimensions, hidden from prying eyes. As a child, when she was forcibly trained to become the Queen Mother of Darkness (27), she was taken on several occasions to underground clubs of Luciferians (Satanists) in exactly that way. Don’t ask me how they do it because I simply don’t know. But what I have learned from my contacts with SRA survivors is that much more is possible than what meets the eye, and that magic is a real thing. Confirmation of this claim came from Noah (I wrote about this SRA survivor in my previous blog.) She told me that more than one Satanist had testified to her of the above mentioned phenomenon during their visits to the Round House.

So keeping that in mind we should not exclude the possibility that the Round House still exists, though probably in a form that we cannot get our heads around. It would explain the sentinels that I noticed running around, keeping their eyes on us when we were on those grounds. It would make it more understandable why there is this Dutch Satanist, who is fiercely discrediting just about anyone who dares to investigate the subject matter. Can you imagine – this guy has even written an entire book to push the idea that all that has been discovered through meticulous research is only a reflection of village gossip and urban myths. Interesting detail is, that in the exact same weekend that I put my second blog in the Round House series online, he turned out to have published a complete rewrite of his book! And then there are those moments in history, where high police officers stopped investigations on human remains, that were found on the premises of the Round House. And what about the BVD (former Dutch secret services, now AIVD), who has frustrated researchers, stolen their documents and even intimidated one of them so badly, that he fled the country and started a new life abroad?

Also interesting, to say the least, is what happened in 1967 when Staatbosbeheer (Dutch Forestry Commission – in that time, the owner of the land) ordered someone to demolish the Round House. Many people didn’t understand why, because its location was perfect for a visitor center for tourists (which was in the pipeline for a while). There was nothing wrong with the construction of the building – it was very solid, and only some thorough cleaning and a lick of paint would have be needed if anyone decided to purchase or rent the property. But no, Staatsbosbeheer and the municipality of Nunspeet had set their minds on demolishing the Round House. It had to go. The argument they used was that restoring and maintaining the building would be too expensive. Consequently they built a brand new visitor center a few miles due east, for a whopping fl.300.000,- ($165.000,-)…..

Letter from Colonel Mies. Image is from the book “De Geschiedenis van het Ronde Huis”. Copyright of Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis and Uitgeverij Nunspeet. By e-mailing or calling the bookseller, Osinga Boek & Kantoor, you can order this book. Click on the image for info. Book is in Dutch.

After a permit for the demolition was given, Staatsbosbeheer hired a local from Nunspeet, a guy by the name of Henk Bons, to do the job. Henk was unexperienced and he didn’t have the perfect equipment to demolish a house, but he won the bid for the assignment and did his best. The work took more time than expected though, because the construction was much firmer than he had estimated and the structures of tunnels/rooms in the basement turned out to be an impossible task to master. The poor man actually saw his little business go bankrupt over this unfinished assignment. So in order to get rid of the basement, Staatsbosbeheer asked the military for help. The 11th Genius Battalion in Wezep was willing to do so, after its commander Lieutenant de Jong had been on the site to assess the building. “This will be a great exercise for our soldiers in training,” he said. But soon after that, a letter came from Colonel S.A.W. Mies, the Inspector of the Genius Division in The Hague. He forbid the Genius Battalion to do the job, because there were ‘safety issues’. Strangely enough, all safety precautions had been taken care of well in advance and the accounts of that had been seen by everybody involved… It was going to take more than fifteen years of delay upon delay and clearly deliberate frustration, before the basement of the Round House was finally demolished.

Image by Taras Chernus via Unsplash.

You need to suffer from some special kind of blindness if you don’t see that something is going on here. The media and authorities in the Netherlands have done their very best to make people believe that regarding this subject, one can only say: there is nothing, there was nothing, and it’s never gonna be something. But the question is: why go through so much trouble to deny something that isn’t there?

I think that Marjolein provided a big part of the answer to that when we were evaluating our visit to the Round House. She is pretty sure that the Satanic activity that nowadays is taking place at the former estate, is being used in the exact same way as during the First World War! She believes that this place is playing a central role in maintaining an occult grip over the Netherlands.

Now let’s have a look at what she meant by that… So we had been on the premises. We had picked up on strange things, that varied from visual impressions and items we found lying around to a feeling of great heaviness and threat. These observations were confirmed from various sides. Furthermore, two ancient Germanic ley lines cross each other right next to the place where the Round House had been situated (in the tip of the spear of the Woden geoglyph) and there is a portal close by.

Marjolein proceeded to explain that Germany has known three significant periods of time in its history that can be (unofficially) classified by the names First Reich, Second Reich and Third Reich (28). The Holy Roman Empire (800-1806) was seen as the First Reich. The Second Reich was the German Empire (1871–1918) and when referring to the Third Reich, people are nowadays talking about Nazi Germany (1933-1945). And then there is talk about a Fourth Reich. The Fourth Reich can be interpreted in various ways, from ideological dreams of a Greater Aryan German Empire in the heads of Neo-Nazis to a somewhat mocking description of the exorbitant economic power of Germany in the European Union.

What Marjolein meant was something different, though. She was talking about the Fourth Reich as a power with End Time significance. An empire that stretches beyond the borders of Germany, because what fuels this power does not have its origin in this country. It did cause Emperor Wilhelm II to meddle with the occult, though. And it was the hidden inspiration behind the pan-Germanic movement that was embraced by the evil geniuses of the First World War. And both the Nazis with their Third Reich and the Neo Nazis with their desire to see the rise of a Fourth Reich were driven forward by it, through the decades until this present day. However, all these people, ideals and organizations were mere vehicles, not the end goal, because the ultimate purpose of all these efforts through history is the installation of the Antichrist. And Satan, who is the owner of this nefarious plan, has an ‘army’ on earth that was assembled to turn that into reality. I’m talking about the Luciferian Brotherhood, also known as the Illuminati. This brotherhood is the most prominent medium that Satan uses to implement his depraved plans. He uses this organization as a secret catalyst of disastrous world events – think wars and economic crises. For instance, people like Hitler, Himmler, Hess and Goebbels were like warm clay in Satan’s hand… they all were into some form of dark occultism and they used it actively in their warfare.

Click on the image for a review in the
of the book Hitler’s Monsters, by Eric Kurlander,
about the occult beliefs and practices of Nazi leaders
during the Third Reich.

We can see that the endeavors of the Illuminati are becoming more blatant by the day. Nowadays, almost everybody has a connotation of some kind with terms like the New World Order and Build Back Better. It’s as if they are not even attempting to hide it anymore. This is a direct result of a big argument between two groups within top levels of the Luciferian Brotherhood, that happened not many years ago. A group of young people wanted to say farewell to the absolute secrecy of their activities, while the elders rather remained in the shadows. The young guard won the argument and from that day on, we started to see a significant increase of unconcealed and brutal evil in our daily news.

Image by Marion A.

In the Netherlands, people are seeing this increase of evil as well, but the inheritance of what I jokingly call, our national virtue of common sense, still has a big influence on their way of looking at world events. Thank God in the context of the events since 2020, this basic stance of first seeing, then believing and keeping the spiritual strictly separated from the physical is being challenged by a new interpretation of that common sense. Yet, the national doctrine of being as down to earth as possible, is holding the vast majority of the Dutch in its iron grip. I believe that this is a result of a program within Operation Mockingbird (mass mind control) that is specially adapted to the Dutch national character. And since just about 99% of the mainstream media in the Netherlands is in the hands of the Deep State, this program is fired at people through every possible outlet on a daily basis. The attitude we are most comfortable with is continuously activated: “We are level-headed and we’re proud of it! We’re not going to believe you, unless you provide us with evidence. And then, still, we’re not going to believe you, because we are normal people and we’re trusting the daily news on TV, because that is normal and we’ve always done that. No, we’re not letting you get to us.As far back as in the Eighties, TV productions like The Song of Seven were already promoting this mechanism. Do you see what they are doing? Do you realize that they are using our very virtues against ourselves?

The result? The Dutch have become a people that is easily triggered into crude disbelief when confronted with anything that’s just a bit out of the ordinary.

The benefit? Members of the Luciferian Brotherhood can get away with their many atrocities because they are protected by the people’s unbelief.

The goal? To a large degree, it has already been achieved. They have been taking our country by stealth. In this context, by stealth means that they are doing it right before people’s eyes without them noticing it. Of course we all can see how crime on each and every level of society has been increasing and how a previously fair justice system has been turned into systematic injustice. But there is more. There is another layer in Satan’s evil masterplan that is enabling and enforcing the above mentioned, and hardly anybody sees how he’s pulling that off. Remember how the WWI was spiritually supported by Germanic pagan rituals at the Round House? Well, in contrast to what was make-believe, we think that these rituals were a success. The war may not have been won by the Germans, but the fundament was laid for the Third Reich, and that played a big role in laying the fundament for the Fourth Reich. One of the ways the Luciferians did that after WWII, was by implementing Operation Paperclip (29). Nazis, like horror doctor Josef Mengele and Waffen SS-officer Michael Karkoc, were secretly moved to the United States by the Deep State to work with the CIA on developing MK Ultra (trauma based mind control) and giving combat training to Illuminati hierarchy children like Jessie Czebotar.

Image by CDC via Unsplash.

There is this tendency at the moment, to say that what governments all over the world are doing, mirrors the behavior of a totalitarian Nazi regime. And yes, the Nazis do have great influence in hidden corners of contemporary politics. But it would be more accurate if we called those practices Luciferian, because behind the mask of Nazism hide the Luciferians whose tentacles are poisoning many more aspects of society than Nazism ever could. Please don’t get me wrong. I am appalled in every possible way by what Hitler has done to far too many people. But in the eyes of the Luciferian Brotherhood, Nazism is only one of the many smoke screens for gaslighting reality. I urge you to be vigilant of the mechanism that makes you quietly sigh with relief when something nefarious doesn’t turn out to come from that evil ‘ideology’. For that is the exact double bind: you believe that Nazism is the very worst. So you’re especially wary of that. But seeing Nazism as the only threat to society could cause you to not address other strategies of sinister characters in a timely manner… And then, on top of that, this double bind also works the other way around: many people want to stay as far away as possible from calling things a revival of the Third Reich or the rise of the Fourth Reich, because they believe that it’s a slap in the face of the Jewish victims of WWII. Either way, the implication is: troublesome developments in society are being downplayed and accepted…..

Think silence means consent and we’re going full circle.

Let’s close this blog for now on that thought. In my next blog in this series I’m hoping to shine some light on the position of the Round House, nationally and internationally. Moreover, I’m intending to dive into the subject of the ancient Germanic ley lines, and the surprises they brought me when I was mapping them out in both Germany and the Netherlands…

…and believe it or not – in that story, a star will show us the way!

Marion A.

Image by Alexander Andrews
via Unsplash.

7 Replies to “Round House series III: This wheel’s on fire!”

  1. God bless you all … every day brings more enlightenment, more knowledge, discernment and wisdom… I pray for you all.. and I know this is only the beginning… Jesus tells us the times to come will be more horrifying than anything ever in history.. no time like it and if he didn’t shorten the times, there would be no flesh left alive… so hard to imagine … but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I pray for the Holy Spirit to wake and quake the souls of men and children, my own included . 💜🙏🏼💜

  2. B”H Thank you for your courage and hard work to expose these terrifying details of history and what may unfortunately still yet be not left behind in history. Jessie’s story reminds me of the famous quote from Psalm 139:8, here shown as it is found in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible: If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in Sheol, behold, thou art there.

    I have been aware of this verse for a long time, because when I stumbled on it in about ’77 or so, it seemed like a perfect explanation to me as to why taking one’s own life is never a solution, and thus giving in to despair, apathy, and the resulting lack of industry, is also not a solution.

    As a survivor of sibling suicide I was soon hospitalized, after that event, at age 17, 45 years ago, and many other patients in my therapy groups, while I was an inpatient, were talking about and being led through the details of why suicide is no victory. I remember hearing one girl say, that if she did it, a friend who’d already died would haunt her there, to remind her she did the wrong thing.

    Once I started making a point to read the Bible in college, looking for some guidance and sense of not being alone, as parents, surviving sister, and fellow students were all too busy to discuss anything with me, this verse really struck me as so pertinent to why no one should ever self-sabotage. This is so important to teach to those who are victimized by the cult, and Jesse actually found the Presence of her G-d while down in the chambers of the occult, underground, and this is also like what you have to face there in Netherlands, that many who build their security and power upon practices of the cult want to put you down and prevent you from getting the information and sharing what has been done so that it may be taken down, which ultimately it must.

    Know that the effort with which a person works on this himself/herself should bring a great reward, which would not be earned by just saying, ‘Let G-d figure this one out, I am scared and will shut my eyes and run away from any mention of it.’ Those continuing perpetrators and their collaborators are, in a sense, the actual staff of the Netherworld, just found up here above the surface in human bodies, and you must retain the confidence that the presence of your G-d will be revealed to you, throughout this trial, in order to help you help others to escape, as clearly this nightmare is not over just yet, just as it was revealed to Jessie when she was trapped underground. No one could figure out how she got out! It was her own private miracle. I think of you constantly and hope you will have miracles too!

    When we see an egregious situation, with our own moral ability to distinguish right from wrong, even if others do not see it too, we MUST do whatever we can to fix it, because the fact that G-d revealed this problem to us is an indication that it is for us to fix. I was taught this in my Jewish readings, and from time to time false advisors show up, from whom I am not asking advice, at all, who are telling me, ‘why is it your business to take this on?’ The classic readings, be they Christian or Jewish, say that when an individual sees a problem, uniquely with his/her own moral discernment, this is his/her battle to fight. Both traditions agree that we are G-d’s representatives to end injustice and foster fulfillment of the Biblical commands as to what people may or may not do!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly as I’m very worried about this situation in the Netherlands! I feel as though my hands are tied as to how to help specifically, and am praying for some breakthrough in an idea as to one simple thing I could do that will ‘burst the bubble’ and end this occult practice for once and for all. I am sure there is one thing I could do, if I could just figure out what it is, that would break the evil spell and free the millions of infants, children, and young people who are yet in danger. Something dramatic and strategic. I am always wearing my thinking cap for this.

    Wishing you success, peace of mind, and blessings.

  3. B”H Sorry, that translation was from the English Revised Version. My short-term memory is not good due to the increase EMF level here… I think we got 5G here.

  4. Shalom Marion, I lived in Amsterdam 1975-76 on the houseboats behind Central Station. So I’m fascinated to find “spiritual mapping” for the Netherlands! I’ll try to follow you.

  5. The work you have put into this is fantastic and I hope you are proud of what you have achieved albeit I know you won’t stop and nor should you. Tried 2 write more but then the post comment gets covered and cannot post

  6. Thanyou for your fearless and diligent research and for writing this article. When I was 9 years old I was triggered by “Satanic panic” into lifelong researching these subjects. I remember searching “round house sacrifices” and there was a huge ammount of information about this subject.

    Now on google there is nothing. Its gone. When i search on dogpile there is a well written article which concludes with ‘i found no evidence that this happened’ yet you record a wealth of evidence and witness reports otherwise lost to history, including from a girl who was raped and no doubt farmed her entire life. Trauma programmed to be ‘queen of the mother’s of darkness. Who had reached the top of the mother’s of darkness cult, something she became under duress and whistle blew on as soon as she could.

    If there are any other women or children being kept slave in this horrific cult please do not be afraid to speak out. The things you have done are not done by you, are being done to you and there is help. You were once a pure child with a pure soul that has been ritually defiled, prepared by evil men for possession by dark spirits who are using your body.

    Stand strong and God will save your soul for him. Please don’t let what has happened to you be the fate of others and the whole world. Don’t be afraid God will send fierce angels to protect you from whatever demon is threatening you now. These men might seem strong and have a powerful control over you but they are pathetic low life subhuman scum.

    This girl who spoke out will be crowned alongside Christ in heaven and you will as well.

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