Round House series II: Seven Jumps from past to present.

Image by Joshua Earle via Unsplash.

The history of the Round House speaks. It’s whispering appealing words to me while it threads around me in circles… seductively, teasingly, but always in the same calculated manner. It sings to me too, saying: Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can… Is history really able to speak? Or could it be the voice of some spirit behind it, that makes itself heard when it thinks that there’s something to gain? Does God speak through history? Can He teach us about the things that have been, while we are walking on soil that has no visible remnant from the past? Intel on the Round House has kept on coming to us in one steady flow, from the moment that my friend Marjolein and I started our research. That is a fact. But will we ever find the truth about the spiritual background of this century-old story? And what about the ever evolving mystery around that children’s song, The Song Of Seven?

In my previous blog (1) I described the adventure that Marjolein and I found ourselves in when God started to show us the unlikely parallels between a Dutch youth television series and a mysterious mansion, tucked away in the forests of the Veluwe region in the Netherlands. De Zevensprong (2) was produced in 1982 after a youth book (1966) with the same title, from the hand of famous Dutch author Tonke Dragt. The literal English translation of De Zevensprong is The Seven Way Intersection. In this book/TV-series, that title refers to a location in the story where seven roads meet, but also to a children’s song. The book has been translated to English and there is an English version of the song. They both are named The Song Of Seven (3).

It was several years ago that Marjolein stumbled upon the subject of the former Round House. For some reason, her mind made a link to The Song Of Seven TV-series, and it has been like that ever since. Each time she reads something about the Round House, she thinks of The Song Of Seven and as the years passed, the lure of both subjects has only increased. Pretty much since it was built, back in 1907, rumors have been circulating about the above mentioned estate. Reports about ancient Germanic rituals and the horrific abuse of young girls. Meticulous research, performed through the years by various people has shown that much that cannot bear daylight must indeed have happened in the Round House and on its premises.

Image by Yogesh Pedamkar via Unsplash

Especially the Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis (The Round House Research Group) has done an incredible job, documenting the results of the work they have done during several decades. With this in mind, I tried to find a balance in my first blog between sharing basic information on the subject matter and a few links to a more detailed online publication that came from the above mentioned research group. If you haven’t read my first blog yet, I’m advising you to do so now (1). It will help you to understand the background of what we’re going to dive into…

The continuation of our research started with feedback from several readers of the blog. The intel these people gave me was so interesting that they helped me tremendously while I was looking for direction. One of these people is Noah. She is a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She told me about a teenager, a boy she used to know, who just like her had been subject to the nefarious activities of the Luciferian Brotherhood, a.k.a. the Illuminati, or as we say in the Netherlands, The Network. In the beginning of the eighties, this boy was programmed with The Song Of Seven TV-series. I didn’t get many details from Noah, simply because it has been years since she last spoke to this boy, but he apparently has told her that each time after seeing a new episode, he would be ‘sent on his way, fulfilling assignments.’ For those assignments, he would go into a forest close to Oosterbeek, a small town just west of Arnhem. Whether or not he was doing this together with other children is not clear to me, but one thing in this story stood out: he apparently ended up in a psychosis due to this all. What is worth to mention: Oosterbeek is the town where the Bilderberg Hotel is situated. There, in 1954, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (4) organized the first Bilderberg Conference (5) in history.

What Noah also told me, was that for several times, she herself has been at the location that has functioned as the inspiration for ms. Dragt’s novel The Song Of Seven. According to her, this six way intersection in the township of Joppe is a so-called Place of Power, i.e. a magical territory where supernatural things are more likely to happen and where witches tend to gather for rituals. Interestingly enough, Noah remembered places similar to the tree that I had noticed in the vicinity of the intersection, the one time that I went to check out that area – a tree with little sculptures of gnomes and elves sitting at its foot. When we later were talking about that on Right On Radio, Jessie Czebotar (6) made this remark: “What some call a Place of Power could also be a demonic portal.” Further on in this blog, I will tell you more about this phenomenon.

But first let’s go back to the end of my previous blog. We left, concluding that there must be some kind of link between the Round House and author Tonke Dragt. The most likely person to form that link, was one of the most prominent witnesses to what had happened in and around that mansion, Johan Montenberg (1905-1996). I must say that I was feeling kind of helpless when I was about to publish that blog, because still, so many questions were remaining. Did Ms. Dragt know Mr. Montenberg personally? We know for a fact that she had been to the six way intersection in Joppe, but did she ever visit Mr. Montenberg? After all, this was the very township where his house was, and where he had his beloved family attraction – the narrow-gauge railway circling his garden with the little tram that once used to ride a whole different track, the track that connected the Nunspeet train station with the Round House!

Johan Montenberg (1905-1996)

The discovery of Mr. Montenberg, living in the close vicinity of the six way intersection that formed the inspiration to the novel, had been shocking, to say the least. As I described in my previous blog – Mr. Montenberg’s house was on one of the very roads that branches from that intersection. The place where he used to live and the intersection are only two miles apart! Additionally, I realized this: in the story of The Song Of Seven, one of the characters is a magician, Mr. Thomtidom. He lives in a house on the so-called Long Lane, that branches from the fictional intersection in the story. Now, only one of the six roads on the intersection in Joppe, that has the word “lane” in its name, the Eikenboomlaan (Oak Tree Lane). And exactly that lane is leading to Mr. Montenberg’s residence. Is there a possibility that Tonke Dragt was seeing him as a wizard? And if so, why?

I know, I know. Although the sum of these findings give us the irrefutable impression that there must be more to this story, we still have nothing more than associations. They all can be coincidences. So let’s leave the guessing game regarding possible links with The Song Of Seven for what it is, and join me when I’m redirecting my focus to the last week of 2020.

In order to spend some time far away from the nerve-racking loud bangs of fireworks that Dutch youths tend to throw around in the weeks preceding New Year’s Eve, I had booked a room in a hotel somewhere in the extensive forests of the Veluwe area. I was going to stay there for a couple of days, right after Christmas. Marjolein decided to join me there, because we had discovered that the hotel in question is close to the location of the former Round House. That gave us the perfect opportunity to take a look on its premises.

Zandenbos forest

When I was on my way to the little railway station of Nunspeet to collect Marjolein from the train, I had to cross through the forest where the Round House once was situated – the so-called Zandenbos. A narrow asphalt road that is running through that forest in an elongated loop makes it easy for tourists to reach different parts of that area. At one point, it even passes right by the mansion. However, I was not intending to leave my car and check out the premises just as yet. Not on my own. But what I couldn’t help, was picking up something of the forest’s atmosphere… and I can assure you that it did not feel good. The area had this forbidding vibe to it and I detected a feeling of loss, deep disappointment and hopelessness. And then, while I was behind the wheel, my mind’s eye saw something. Some of you would interpret this as the visual translation of one’s compassion with the victims when thinking about them. Others may call it a vision, or an impression. Anyhow, what I saw in a semi-transparent form was a teenage girl with tousled, flax-like hair, wearing a white dress. She was floating in the air in front of my car, observing me, and she was partially covered in white ashes… Everything about this girl was reticence, and the message coming from the premises clearly was, “don’t tell a soul…!”

You may wonder what the purpose was of Marjolein and my visit to the location of the Round House. Well, our main objective was prayer. We wanted to pray against the evil that has left its traces on this former estate and for the healing of victims of ritual abuse that is still taking place in present times. Being at a location that is so strongly associated with this subject does change the way you’re interceding. We had experienced that before. But we also wanted to see the place for ourselves, silently hoping to get new input for our research and prayers.

De geschiedenis van Het Ronde Huis (The History of the Round House), written by the Round House Research Group.  Click on the image to go to the publisher/bookseller’s website. Call or e-mail them to order this book. Book is in Dutch.

So on the first day, right after I had collected Marjolein from the railway station, we left my car on the parking lot close by and started to walk and pray. We hadn’t had the chance to look into a book about the Round House that I had just purchased from the local bookstore (7). This book was written by the Werkgroep Het Ronde Huis (the Round House Research Group). As said before, this taskforce that has done research for decades on the subject matter – the book is packed with information and even some maps of the premises! The next day, those maps were gonna prove to be very handy, but for now, we just roamed the forest for about an hour, and we prayed. I don’t remember the details of those prayers and I also have no recollection of everything we prayed for the following day, but the things we discovered and the revelations that God gave us were quite impressive.

The first and most important thing we found thanks to a map in the book, was the exact location of the former Round House. Although nowadays, there is not much more remaining than a partially overgrown open space between the trees, situated just a bit higher than the narrow tourist road, this still was a significant point of orientation. Of course, that road was not there yet when Frank van Vloten was living in the house, but it did make me think, how in the world is it possible that everything that has happened here has been kept under the rug for so many decades, while locals and tourists alike are simply walking their dogs or enjoying a ride on their mountain bikes?

Because, yes, there were tracks for mountain bikes meandering through the forest. They were frequented by individual bikers, small groups and entire families. While we were getting acquainted with the environment I saw a few of those bikers in the distance. There was something unusual about them, though. A couple of times I noticed a head and torso of somebody, above the foliage of rhododendrons, moving by with the speed of a mountain biker, but then when I was waiting for the person to fully appear at the point where the bushes ended, that person was gone. In the same way, there were figures, or silhouettes in the shape of people, running through the premises, about 50 yards away from us, but then dissolving in thin air.

Also for other reasons, this place was interesting. As I mentioned before, the atmosphere was ‘different’. What struck me was how fast every vibe we picked up on was fluctuating, almost with each step we took. For instance, one moment we were just walking around, registering what we were seeing, being curious as to what we were going to discover next, and then, in a matter of only a second, as if it dropped right from the sky, a threatening feeling ambushed us. From one moment to the next, the place was totally dominated by that ominous feeling – to me, the light around us even seemed more dim than before, as if a heavy cloud were sliding in front of the sun. As we moved down the path though, the threat was lifted as unexpectedly as it had appeared… The impression I got from that place was that it could very well be a portal.

Not all the things we discovered at the premises of the Round House looked significant. For instance, we found a part of a flashlight at a round clearing within a circle of trees. That could indicate nightly activity, it could even mean that it’s a place of (Wiccan?) worship, but it could just as well mean nothing at all. We also saw a tree with some beer bottles hanging by some broken off branches. Probably some locals, having an outdoor party, right?

But wait a moment. Go back to the above picture. Do you see that black, tall tree on the right? The one that’s in the shadow? Well, have a look at what we found on the ground right beneath it:

Three roses at the foot of a tree, positioned crosswise over the ashes of a diseased person. Why? Why those roses, why in this position, but most of all: why having your ashes distributed on this location, of all places? Our first connotation was Freemasonry. They position three roses exactly like this on the coffin or in the grave of a deceased brother. Symbolically, they stand for light, love and life, and although mostly white roses are used for this ritual, I have indications that in Freemasonry, also other colors are used. Besides that, roses have been given many meanings by various belief systems. Georg Andreas Böckler (1688) wrote in his work Ars Heraldica (8) about roses, that “they are accorded royal dignity, for they mean above all refreshment, generosity and silence. So to us, it is not clear if these ashes and roses are a Freemason’s grave. It could also be a memorial for a diseased witch or warlock. Fact is though, that distributing someone’s remains right behind the place where the Round House has been situated, is oozing esotericism.

So here we are, at the end of our day on the premises of the Round House, with a bunch of impressions and a book in our hands. Back in the hotel, both Marjolein and I spent time reading as much as possible and studying maps and images. On the third day we didn’t go back to the Zandenbos forest, but we went on a walk in the vicinity of our hotel, to talk through things and pray. During that conversation, Marjolein mentioned something that really struck me. It turned out to become the very backbone of this research project, but it’s not the right moment in this story to mention it. I promise you though, I will get back to it in my next blog.

The following weeks I almost entirely spent reading, doing research and praying. I have to admit that both Marjolein and I were under heavy spiritual attack during that time. One of the weapons that were used in this war was discouragement. For a moment, I was even seriously wondering if the project was going to come to a halt right here. After all, the previous blog ended with a preliminary conclusion that was rather spectacular. There were only two geographical miles left between the author of The Song Of Seven and the most prominent witness to the Round House – we were so close to the actual link! Shouldn’t we just settle with that, and conclude that this was all that there was to be found on this story?

…Or was finding the mysterious link between Tonke Dragt and Johan Montenberg not the ultimate purpose that God had in mind for us? Could it be that He only used this mystery as a prompt, in order to guide us to something bigger?

Because – the Lord did provide confirmation of some of our assumptions, through real life witnesses like Noah. Why in the world would He do that, if the things that Marjolein and I were picking up on were only the figment of our imagination? Maybe this was God’s way to teach us yet another aspect of spiritual discernment, something that can come in handy in the Netherlands – a place where being down to earth seems to be a national virtue. It oftentimes feels like the spiritual battle between belief and unbelief has its epicenter right here, in our very own country. In order to come to a point where the Dutch will accept that the spiritual is as realistic as the physical, and that these two constantly intertwine, we need a major breakthrough from Above. TV-productions like The Song Of Seven have been actively used to lead the audience to believe that it’s almost impossible to make a distinction between the spiritual and the physical world, and that the spiritual should be left to the fantastic films we watch and the fairytale-like books we read. But after watching and reading, we need to return to our daily lives and go back to work. As long as the Dutch do that – as long as they safely stick to the physical and don’t poke the occult hornets’ nest, they will not be a threat to those who are meddling with magic and everything that the dark side of the spiritual world entails.

Image by Robert Cook via Unsplash.

Not long after New Year’s Eve, I had a talk about this issue and the rest of our research with Petra. She’s a good friend of mine, had read my first blog and was intrigued by The Song Of Seven. Out of curiosity she started to do some internet searches on that term and she shared with me what she found. Thanks to a friend who lives in Brighton (U.K.), Petra remembered the so-called Seven Dials. That is the British term for a seven way intersection and in Brighton there is even an entire neighborhood that is named after the junction in its city center. One of the roads that branches off the Seven Dials, goes to the north west, all the way out of Brighton into the countryside. This road changes names twice, first into Dyke Road Avenue and then into Devil’s Dyke Road. The latter leads you to a National Trust site called Devil’s Dyke (9) Especially the spiritual background of this site is interesting. For more information, click on the above picture and scroll down to Folklore. This was an interesting find, although we could not lay a direct connection with the main subject of our research. But from one thing came another. Petra found out that there also is a Seven Dials in the center of London. It’s a junction of seven roads close to Covent Garden, with a monument in the form of a neo classical column with at its top a multifaceted sundial. This place has a tempestuous history. In 1690, the neighborhood was initially developed for people with money and standing, on the open farmland bordering the West End of London. But within five years, the decline of the area started to set in and soon it became one of the worst slums of the city, where dire poverty and violent mob crime were ruling. Eventually, in 1773 the Seven Dials monument was taken down. With that, the authorities were hoping to discourage gatherings of mobs at that location. Thankfully the column with the sundials was not destroyed. It was re-erected elsewhere in London. But as to the Seven Dials: only after several centuries this neighborhood got its monument back – or at least – a replica, made after the original design, was erected. And now, suddenly things are getting interesting… because who, of all the people in the world, dedicated this monument? Former Queen Beatrix (10) of the Netherlands! She was on a state visit in the U.K. in 1989, to mark the tercentenary of the reign of the Dutch Prince William of Orange (11) who was also King of England, Ireland and Scotland, from 1689 until his death in 1702. And since the original monument was raised within his rule, her connection to it was pretty logical…

Seven Dials Monument, London. For more information, click on the picture.

That was the second time that the House of Orange-Nassau came up in our research. Remember how former Queen Beatrix’s grandfather, Prince Hendrik, was mentioned as one of the visitors of the Round House? Although I don’t see a direct link between that place and Seven Dials in London, and although I’m not trying to proof anything with this, the coincidence is odd, isn’t it? In that same light of oddity I’d like to share two more results of our internet searches with you. Not to prove any direct links, but simply because they are so interesting:

This is a passage from the Bible: “The Lord will cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated by you; they will go out against you one way and will flee at your presence seven ways.”  Deuteronomy 28:7.

And then there is The Song Of Seven, by Jon Anderson (former front man of Yes). Actually, check out the lyrics of this song (12) while you’re listening. I’m curious as to what you think of the words and the possible meaning behind them! TRIGGER WARNING: this video may contain auditory and visible triggers.

Jon Anderson – Song Of Seven – 1980.

In retrospect, that junction in London, the Seven Dials… are its name and its Dutch historic connection really the only oddities attached to this location? No, on the contrary, because just now I remember that the original plan for the Seven Dials didn’t have seven roads at all, it had six roads! Only in a later stage of the plan, a seventh road was added. Consequently, the sundial column holds six faces, with the column itself acting as the gnomon of the seventh dial. Gnomon is a word of Greek origin, literally meaning: “one that knows or examines” It’s the part of a sundial that casts a shadow. So in this case, the column itself casts a shadow on that seventh road… now doesn’t that ring a bell? Tonke Dragt said in interviews that she had found her inspiration for The Song Of Seven in that real life six way intersection in the township of Joppe. It made her wonder, “what if there were a seventh road?” She incorporated this question into her story, so the seventh road became a hidden road, tucked away in the shadows behind an abandoned café at the intersection, leading to the mysterious House Of Stairs, where the boy was kept against his will by his evil uncle…

What in the world is the deal with that ambiguity between the numbers six and seven?

If we look at the symbolism behind the number seven, we are overloaded with thoughts and theories. Just to mention a few: In Buddhism, Buddha walked seven steps after his birth. In European folklore, the seventh son of the seventh son is said to be clairvoyant and have the power of healing. In the Bible, in Revelations there is mention of seven golden lampstands, seven stars, seven torches of fire, seven seals, seven angels and their trumpets, seven last plagues, seven golden bowls, seven thunders, seven horns and eyes, seven diadems and seven kings. In Islam, Muslims have to make seven circumambulations around the Kaaba (black cube of Saturn) during their pilgrimage. And how about this:

Image by Valdemaras D. via Unsplash.

Now Jericho was tightly shut because of the sons of Israel; no one went out and no one came in. But the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have handed Jericho over to you, with its king and the valiant warriors. And you shall march around the city, all the men of war circling the city once. You shall do so for six days. Also seven priests shall carry seven trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark; then on the seventh day you shall march around the city seven times, and the priests shall blow the trumpets. It shall be that when they make a long blast with the ram’s horn, and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall shout with a great shout; and the wall of the city will fall down flat, and the people shall go up, everyone straight ahead.” Those are the first five verses of the Bible book Joshua 6… (13)

In addition to this all, I want to make sure to shine a light on the way Pythagoras looked at this number: according to him, seven consisted of the union of the physical (number 4) with the spiritual (number 3). And finally, seven appears to be used in slang, for female or vagina, either to praise or insult. (The 7, when rotated forms a V, which can be representative of the female sex organ.) Interesting, but to be honest, I wonder if this way of approaching the issue is commonly used. Unless… in Esoteric Freemasonry…?

To me, the most significant connotation with the two numbers in this quest though, is that six is the number of man, and seven the number of wholeness and of God. This thought keeps on surfacing during the research for these blogs. Maybe at some point, I will find out why.

As you can see, the flood of information hasn’t come to a stop. The discoveries keep on coming, just as they did a few weeks ago. Let me take you back to the Song Of Seven as a children’s song. My friend Petra is from Germany, so she decided to do a search on what she assumed was the German translation for it – Siebensprung. That brought her to this Austrian video:

What we had long guessed turned out to be true. The Song Of Seven, or the Seven Spring was old. Older than we first had assumed, when we discovered it in a book full of children’s songs that was written in 1871 by Johannes van Vloten, father of Frank van Vloten, owner of the Round House. The Song Of Seven was a folkloristic dance and it is still known in many parts of Europe.. An Austrian website states that the name of the dance was first found in a document in the year 1605. That document was a notebook of student Petrus Fabricius from Kiel, Germany. Only in 1770 it was registered as a dance that was not so much performed by children, but by adults. From that moment on, we found an ongoing stream of mentions of The Song Of Seven in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Flanders (Belgium), France, the Montafon (Vorarlberg Austria, 1819) and almost all of Germany.

But what about the origin and significance of the Song Of Seven? Well, what I found was that the original purpose of round dances and circle dances in general was to worship natural forces. People danced around sacred trees, the solstice fire, fountains and other holy places. In their circle dances, they symbolically followed the course of the sun. The sun itself was often represented by a girl, being the focal point in the sun dances. She rotated around her own axis, and through this ritual, the hope was expressed for fertility and a successful harvest. There were also reports of people, dancing around burning wagon wheels, in the direction of the sun’s path. This dance was called The Seven Jump, which is another name for The Song Of Seven. Especially when the sun was not shining and when the harvest was in danger, these kinds of dances were used to beseech, exorcise or conjure – anything necessary to make sure that the crops were protected. The same thing was done to heal and ward off disaster. In those cases, people danced around a person or animal, or an entire field.

Image by Jonathan Borba via Unsplash.

So The Song Of Seven was actually used for ritualistic purposes – for fertility rituals! And its origin was Germanic… When I asked Noah if she knew anything about this dance, she initially said that she didn’t, and she asked me to tell more. When I explained to her where it came from and what it had been used for, she reacted in an unexpected way. She first exclaimed something about a strong physical reaction and then told me that her hands started to sweat. I asked her, worried, if she was alright, and she said: “Yes, yes, I’m doing fine. This is good! Please continue!” So, somewhat hesitant, I told Noah what I knew. It turned out that she recognized things from her childhood by hearing me tell about those ritual dances. Things that had remained hidden for decades, suddenly started to surface. The fact that she was in the middle of a series of EMDR-sessions (a form of trauma therapy, 14) had already helped her to process certain memories and what I was talking about was an unexpected addition to that. She described it as pieces of a puzzle, finally falling into place – the realization that things that had been confusing sensory impressions for so long, were in reality childhood memories – not some random hallucinations or disorientating dreams.

To me, this was definitely one of the strongest indications that I was on to something. The Song Of Seven – Germanic fertility dances – the Round House – Germanic rituals… WOW!! And now there were also signs that what most of us would archive in the section long passed Medieval times, was apparently still used in Satanic circles. And Noah was a firsthand witness. However, what shook me most, was that the results of our research touched her heart and made some of her childhood memories resurface! This is so much more important than showing off with some scoop in a blog or podcast… this is what it’s all about, and I am praying that this project will be used by God to heal people, and in every other way that He has in mind.

There is so much more to tell about this, but I’ve got to restrain myself. This blog would simply become too long. In my next blog, you will find more connections between locations, theories and people. I will tell you about the insight that God gave Marjolein on the day after our visit to the site of the Round House… and there are secret meetings of the elite in an attic room, some dirty war games and a German group of occultists to talk about. So much information, so many elements compiling the Big Picture…

I better get started writing!

Marion A.

And here it is – the third blog in the Round House series: This Wheel’s on Fire!

Image by Dariusz Sankowski via Unsplash.

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  1. Marion, thank you so much for being so thorough. Your imagery and gift as a writer helped me to be right there. May the Lord continue to unveil this mystery to you and lead you to the truths that will glorify Him.

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