Teaser to tomorrow’s blog: Disney fairytale or bitter Dutch reality?

Hardly anybody in the Netherlands ever writes about what happens below the surface in the Dutch arts and media industry. We have gotten used to not questioning and refraining from research. But what if God, Himself is saying enough is enough? What if He wants to bring to light the atrocities that were hidden for way too many decades? This last month, my friend Marjolein and I have been taken completely by surprise, when the Lord started to guide us through a process that revealed a shocking world below the visible one that seems to be so innocent… it resulted in an extensive blog that will be released tomorrow!

Just to give you an idea of what this blog is gonna be about, we decided to give you a brief appetizer:

Enchanted forests and white plastered towers of castles that are too beautiful to be true… these are the images that we cannot get out of our brain when we think of the classical Disney animation movies. They speak of sugar coated fairytales with poor little children that are held captive by a malicious uncle or evil stepmother, and they always end with “…and they lived happily ever after.”

Many of us know by now that the original story of the fairytales that the Disney animators tend to use is a bit more grim than what they show us – in fact – the stories by the Grimm brothers can be downright gruesome and they hardly ever have a happy ending! Still, they are only fairytales. Thank God, you would say. Because… it would be sheer horror if Cinderella’s jealous stepsisters really existed and, just like in the original story, would cut off parts of their feet in order to fit into the tiny glass slipper, right?

Still, in the Netherlands, we recently made a discovery that will chill you to the bone. We found a tv series that is shrouded in dark mystery, yet it touches reality in such an eerie way, that after weeks of research, we can still hardly fathom what is unveiled in front of our eyes. I strongly believe that the Lord wants to say something with this. And even if our research on this topic will be forced to settle with an open ending, we cannot do anything else but conclude that nothing is what it seems in the Netherlands….

So far, our appetizer. If you want to see more, keep your eyes on our website – and on Right On Radio, that will real soon dedicate an entire show to the story behind this research project!

2 Replies to “Teaser to tomorrow’s blog: Disney fairytale or bitter Dutch reality?”

  1. God Bless your exploits. God is the Wind beneath your wings and many will be enlightened and many children saved . Amen

  2. Wow. Luke 8:17: For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.

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