Inside Report on Illuminate The Netherlands

Yesss!! A brand new Illuminate The Darkness Inside Report-video has been put online! This episode is about The Netherlands. Vee and Jessie Woodrow have been working really hard to show & tell in this video why our ministry Illuminate The Netherlands is far from a walk in the park… it touches on the atrocities that the Dutch survivors of Satanic ritual abuse have (had) to face, but it also reports on some of the unsavory dynamics in politics, the justice system – and even society – that have kept pedophilia and ritual abuse under the carpet for way too long.

Illuminate The Netherlands is working on the front lines, ministering to these survivors, trying to make a change. We think it’s high time that evil in this country is eradicated!

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  1. Cannot wait to watch your newest excellent video and enter the song contest to bring attention to rescuing people caught in trafficking!

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