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It’s November. Autumn has arrived in the Netherlands. Outside, a storm is raging – a storm like we’ve never seen before. Sudden gusts of wind have uncovered the inconvenient truth about Satanic Ritual Abuse and its survivors. Their screams for justice have become impossible to ignore. They have ambushed social media and the MSM, they are heard on protest grounds in various cities and by now and they are even amplified by the voices of courageous Dutch politicians.

The implications are huge and the counter forces are ferocious. Several journalists on national tv have tried to ridicule and even criminalize the survivors (= victims!) of these atrocities. Those who only believe the MSM are being used in a campaign that was launched to fuel unbelief and verbal aggression. The forces behind this evil agenda are greatly relying on the cognitive dissonance among the Dutch people.

Meanwhile, the victims, their friends and their helpers are fighting for justice, healing and safety. We all are feeling: it’s now or never! This is why the Dutch team of Illuminate The Darkness has launched the project Illuminate The Netherlands. (Link will bring you to our support page.)

Throughout the month of November, we will raise funds for our team in the Netherlands, so we can continue to do our work, supporting the Dutch SRA survivors. Providing accurate information on this subject, keeping this website up-to-date and forming a supportive and protective community is only a part of our mission. There are so many more activities that we are developing, and until recently, they have been funded by ourselves.

Illuminate The Netherlands must change that. So please, have a look at our support page and become our Patron. You can already help us financially for $3 a month, but if you pledge $25, you will get this unique mug, designed by Marion Altena. This mug is a limited edition, it’s only available in November, so make sure you won’t miss it!

On behalf of our Dutch team and the survivors in the Netherlands: THANK YOU, for your prayers and support!

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