Dutch protest against Child Trafficking on a surreal location!

Yesterday, on Sunday, October 11, we protested at Scheveningen Beach, the Netherlands, against pedophile networks, child sex trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse.

I wrote an extensive Twitter thread about this day. It’s a reflection of what happened during the protest and of the statements we made. It also portrays the surreal background of the place where we gathered… a place with two faces that is very symbolic for our country, the Netherlands.

Have a quick look at the summary of RT Dutch’s live stream that they made of the protest, before FB takes it offline!

5 Replies to “Dutch protest against Child Trafficking on a surreal location!”

  1. Thank you all for you effort and not being an armchair warrior like myself.I pray for the children and that God I have been woken up to these atrosities. May God bless your efforts because I haven’t seen any evidence thT Trump is doing what some say he is. I get some comfort knowing the bi le says Christ will avenge these poor souls.God bless all fighting for child JUSTICE.

    1. I am pro any forum that is 100% about exposing , C.S.T and fights to end it.
      These vile disputing vermin need to be exposed and eliminated.

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